Saturday, November 13, 2010

Opening Day Night Evening

The BCs are as happy as a couple of purple dinos right now. Why? Because at 5 PM today, the Terps' regular season kicks off at Comcast against the Monmouth Hawks.

Normally, we find the interstice between the end of the WNBA season and the beginning of the WCBB season to be a somewhat quiet, boring, time of year . . . but not this year! Oh no. Don't we wish it had been uneventful. Instead, it was filled with drama of the not fun kind. So the start of this Terps season couldn't get here fast enough for us.

And if the two exhibition games were any indication, this year's Maryland squad looks to be fully reloaded and should be a fun group to watch. The vets look fitter and more focused than we've ever seen them, and those 5 recruits . . . well, they're special. We can't wait to see them perform later today against actual D-I competition in a contest that actually counts in the standings.

So we'll be at Comcast for the 5 PM tip-off. And after the game, we definitely plan to stick around for the first-ever Meet the Terps event for season ticketholders. Should be a fun day all around (if only we didn't have laundry to do first).

Go Terps . . . Beat the Hawks!


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