Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One of Those Days Nights

Maryland's season came to a sudden end last night in Raleigh, as Notre Dame drubbed the Terps, 80-49, in their Elite Eight match-up.

The Irish were the #1 seed in the Region -- they were "supposed" to win. But they didn't just win last night, they thoroughly dominated the Terps on both ends of the floor, putting on a clinic and demonstrating why, all season long, they have been considered one of the top two or three teams in the country. For their part, the Terps had one of those nights when nothing was clicking. It happens. It happens to every team. And last night it happened to Maryland. And so Notre Dame advances to the Final Four, while the Terps return home to College Park, their season over. Congratulations to Notre Dame for their win and their outstanding performance.

It's difficult, so soon after a loss like last night's, to have perspective on the season. To say that we are hugely disappointed at how things ended would be an understatement. But as disappointed as the BCs feel personally, as fans, we are so much more disappointed for the players and the coaches. The photo on the front page of today's Washington Post Sports section says it all . . . tears and despair.

We can't just forget a game like that, just because we want to. But we're doing our best to take a step back and try to remember all the really great stuff about this season that came before last night.

Putting things in perspective, regardless of how it ended, we had a great ride this season. All the cardiac arrest games that turned out so well. The thrilling weekend in Greensboro, capped off with an ACC Tournament Championship! And the road to Raleigh . . . with that amazing and improbable comeback win over the defending National Champions. Wow. After that, the Terps were one of only eight teams left standing at this point in March, and that's a pretty damn darn good accomplishment.

And so we say thank you to the Terps. Thank you for a great season. Thank you for all the fun. Thank you for all the excitement. We are confident that the players who will be back next season will build on the accomplishments of this one, and use last night's loss like they used last year's loss to Georgetown -- as motivation to get even better.

To those Terps whose college careers are over -- Netta, Anjale, and Kimmie -- all we can say is a very special thank you, and extend our hope that each of you finds success and happiness in whatever comes next in your life.

Thank you, Terps. Good Luck, Seniors.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forever Yours!

There are some games that you remember for a really long, long time . . . maybe forever. The 2006 National Championship game, obviously. The 2009 Sweet Sixteen game where Marissa Coleman dropped 42 points on Vandy and carried her team on her back to the win. And then . . . there's today's Sweet Sixteen game between the Terps and the Aggies. This one ranks right up there with those truly memorable games. This was one the BCs won't forget for a really, really, long time . . . maybe forever!

This noon-time match-up between the Terps and the defending National Champions was a heart-stopping, gut wrenching, hold-your-breath, you can't believe what you're seeing (both good and bad) kind of game that kept BCs talking (and occupied) for nearly every minute of our five-hour drive home from Raleigh. And we don't think we're even close to being talked out about this one. Like those other special games, we'll be revisiting this one for a good long while.

You all saw it. You saw how Maryland won this game. The Terps, who've been the comeback kids all season, came back today from big deficits . . . not once, but twice. Down 18 points in the first half, they got the game back to 3 at the break. Then down 11 in the second, the Terps came back -- again -- to pull ahead with just a few minutes left. And by the final buzzer, the comeback kids had pulled out a 7-point victory, 81-74, to advance to the Elite Eight. Sweet.

The win was a solid team effort, led by Maryland's two Special Sophs, Laurin Mincy and Alyssa Thomas, who each had 21 points, leading all scorers. Laurin also recorded her first ever double-double, pulling down 12 boards, a career (and game) high. Alyssa was just short of a double-double with 9 rebounds. Senior Lynetta Kizer, who said after the game that she did not want this to be her last, did her part to ensure that it wasn't, putting up 15 points, while Tianna Hawkins had 12 before taking a hard fall and having to leave the game (and the court) with about 7 minutes left. (She later returned to the court and was seen warming up on an exercise bike, so we hope that she is good to go on Tuesday.)

Two filled-to-the-rafters sections of Maryland fans made the trip to Raleigh to cheer on the Terps, and during the first half rally and then in the final minutes of the game, the fans were on their feet, screaming, and doing all they could to will the team to a comeback and then to a victory. As two of those fans, we hope we helped them -- at least a little bit -- to claim this big win. At any rate, the BCs have pretty much lost our voices. It was worth it. (And our colleagues at work might actually be pleased . . . we mean that the Terps won, of course.)

Now that Maryland has sent the defending National Champions home, only one team stands in the way of a Terps trip to the Final Four . . . last year's National Championship runner-up! Notre Dame, to no one's surprise, easily advanced to Tuesday's game, dominating St. Bonaventure (tip-off to buzzer), 79-35. (Sorry, Father Mike.)

We don't know how Tuesday's 9 PM Regional Final between the Terps and the Fighting Irish will turn out, but we suspect it's going to be another close, exciting, possibly down to the wire (and perhaps then some) kind of game; in other words, a real battle. When you reach the Elite Eight, 300-plus teams have been reduced to just eight, so there are no easy opponents and no easy wins left.

All the BCs can say for certain is that this year's Terps are warriors; they play with heart; they never give up. Is that enough to earn a trip to Denver? We don't know, but we sure hope so . . . We guess we'll have to wait til Tuesday night to see if Maryland can pull off the upset.

Go Terps . . . Beat the Irish!

P.S. It was a long drive down, and a long drive back (nearly 6oo miles roundtrip) but we don't regret a single mile, a single minute, or a single thunderstorm of the trip. It was one of those games we'll be remembering for a very, very long time. It was so worth it!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases (taken with an NCAA-approved-non-detachable-lens camera)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Raleigh Natty Regional

Whether you'll be catching all the action in person at the RBC Center PNC Arena on Sunday, or at home (or at a sports bar) glued to your TV . . . if you aren't excited about tomorrow's games in Raleigh, the BCs respectfully suggest that you check your pulse.

First of all, this is the Sweet Sixteen we're talking about. Pause for a moment and think about that. Out of the more than 300 NCAA Division I teams in the country, there are only 16 still playing this weekend . . . and one of them is Maryland. Sweet. This is a major accomplishment!

Second, the Terps are in pretty darn good company down in Raleigh. Of the four teams in the Raleigh Regional, three of them (our stat department assures us that's 75%!) have won National Championships, all with their current coaches, all in this century. No other Regional has that many Natty winners. And each of those winning schools won its Natty in a close, exciting, down to the wire (and then some) game. There are some serious competitors in this Raleigh draw!

So what are we expecting (and looking forward to) tomorrow in Raleigh? Possibly a close, exciting, down to the wire (and maybe then some) game . . . between our favorite, the Region's #2 seed, Maryland (obviously one of those Natty winners), and the Region's #3 seed, Texas A&M . . . who just happen to be the defending National Champions! Tip-off is at 12 Noon at the PNC Arena (and on ESPN). This should be exciting!

Following Maryland's game, the third Natty winner in Raleigh -- the Region's #1 seed, Notre Dame -- will face #5 seed St. Bonaventure in the Catholic Bowl at 2:30 PM. No offense to the Bonnies, but we think the Fighting Irish are a heavy favorite. (Sorry, Father Mike.)

We can't wait for tomorrow!

Go Terps . . . Beat the Aggies!

Monday, March 19, 2012

No Walzing Waltzing

They may call this tournament The Big Dance, but if you want to advance, you'd better be prepared for a battle, every game, every round. And that means, when it comes to dancing, no Walz waltzing allowed.

Tonight, in a second round match-up against the Big East's Louisville, the Terps may not have played their best game, but they played hard enough and well enough to win, 72-68. And this time of year, that's all that matters. They played well enough to survive, they played well enough to advance, and they played well enough to take their place in this year's Sweet Sixteen. Next stop for the Terps . . . the Raleigh Regional. Sweet!

Thanks to a gritty team performance, Maryland Busted Barack's Bracket!

Fortunately, on a night when Alyssa Thomas was struggling, her teammates proved (not for the first time this season) that Maryland's success is not just about one player. The Terps' other special Soph, Laurin Mincy, stepped up BIG, scoring a game-high 24 points. Meanwhile, T-Hawk did what T-Hawk does. Another double-double -- 15 points and a game-high 14 boards. Laurin and T-Hawk really put the team on their backs tonight!

And a shout out to the crowd at Comcast, which was on its feet for the last four minutes or so of the game -- screaming, cheering, and doing everything it could to will the Terps to victory. We've seen great crowds at Comcast before, but never like this. Not even for a Duke game.

And so the Terps and Coach Frese advance to Raleigh, while the Cardinals and Coach Walz return to Louisville . . . no more dancing for them. On Sunday, Maryland will play TBA (the winner of tonight's second round match between defending NCAA Champion Texas A&M and Arkansas).

Go Terps . . . Beat TBA!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anchors Aweigh Away

The BCs found it pretty stirring this morning when the Naval Academy Band played their team onto the court to the strains of Anchors Aweigh. The Midshipmen (#15 seed in the Raleigh region), of course, had an 11 AM St. Patrick's Day date with the #2 seed, Maryland, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Once the game got underway, it seemed that the early tip off was the Top O'the Morning for the Mids, who are probably used to rising at o-dark-thirty. But perhaps a bit too early for the Terps, who looked like they would rather be drinking coffee at that hour than Gatorade. Which is another way of saying that it took Maryland a wee bit longer than the Mids to get things going. When they finally did -- thanks in large measure to a great second half by Super Soph (and All Everything) Alyssa Thomas -- it was anchors aweigh away for Navy, as the Terps pulled aweigh away, winning 59-44.

To their credit, the women in the Blue and Gold were not intimidated by their much higher-ranked opponent; they fought hard and they gave Maryland a game. We are confident that when these future officers graduate and earn their commissions, they will serve our country well.

AT led all scorers with 17, and notched another double-double (10 boards). She also dished out 4 assists (a number that would have been higher had a couple of her teammates been able to finish). Laurin Mincy also put up double figures, with 14 points. We loved that every Terp got into the game . . . unfortunately, the odds of that happening again will surely decrease as the Tournament progresses.

It was great that some of the players' Naval Academy classmates took time from their spring break to support their team. But, as many of them sported "Beat Army" foam fingers, perhaps someone should have told them the Mids were playing Maryland.

This Navy fan not only knew who her team was playing, but was environmentally responsible enough to recycle an old sign!

In the second half of today's double bill, the Michigan State Spartans squared off against the Louisville Cardinals. The Spartans brought Sparty with them....

. . . and they may have been the "green" team on today's St. Patrick's Day program, but they definitely didn't have the luck of the Irish. The Spartans fell to Louisville, 67-55. This set up a second round game between Maryland and Louisville for Monday night at 7PM.

President Obama, in his women's bracket yesterday, picked Louisville to beat Maryland! We can't imagine this has anything to do with the fact that the State of Kentucky voted for John McCain in 2008, while Obama won Maryland in a landslide victory. In any event, of course, we hope the Terps prove the Commander in Chief to be totally wrong.

The BCs' two other teams, unfortunately, did not fare as well as Maryland did today. (That's why we've sworn off filling out brackets . . . we don't want our heads to get in the way of our hearts during March Madness.) Princeton was edged in a heartbreaker by K-State, 64-67, which means the Tigers will have to wait at least another year for the chance at their first win in the Big Dance. Dayton lost an early lead and fell to the Arkansas Razorbacks, 55-72.

At least the BCs still have Maryland to cheer for!

Go Terps . . . Beat the Cardinals! (Bust Barack's Bracket!)

Photo Credits: DC BasketCases

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The NCAA Tournament hasn't even started yet, but the BCs already feel like winners. That's because the three teams that matter most to us are all going dancing on Saturday . . . each one having locked up an automatic bid by winning the requisite conference title or tournament.

First and foremost, of course, is our adopted school, Maryland. (We're such fans of Terps basketball, sometimes we forget we didn't actually go to Maryland!) As everyone reading this blog knows, the Terps punched their ticket to the Big Dance by winning the ACC Tournament, earning a #2 seed (the top one at that) and a date with Navy (Patriot League Tournament Champions) on Saturday at 11 AM at Comcast.

We hope (and expect) the Terps will prevail, but we have to say that Navy is a pretty remarkable team. First, every player on the roster is committed to serving her country . . . in peace, and in war. And we also noticed that in addition to regular academic majors, each of the Midshipmen also lists her "military interests" . . . like Surface Warfare, Aviation or Submarines. Wow. These are exceptional young women. They play the game, but also wear the uniform. The BCs think it's great that the Midshipmen get to play at Comcast, relatively close to their base -- and fans -- in Annapolis.

While we'll be glued to the Terps/Navy first round match-up, we'll also be sneaking a periodic peak at our smartphones to catch the score of another game tipping off almost at the same time -- the game (in Bridgeport, CT) between BC Judith's alma mater, #9 Princeton, and #8 Kansas State.

The Tigers earned their dance-card by winning the regular season Ivy League title for the third year in a row, this season going undefeated in League play. (They're a remarkable 41-1 in the Ivies across those three seasons.) Uhhh, "Regular" season? That's right . . . the Ivies don't play a conference tournament. (Too busy studying.)

What has the BCs particularly excited about this year's Tigers is that Princeton's #9 seed is the highest seed ever for a women's Ivy League team. *drumroll, please* The Tigers have never won an NCAA Tournament game, but an 8/9 match-up . . . well, as fans know, that's anybody's game! And the BCs think Princeton has the pieces to get that first win. Go Tigers!

And last, but not least, at 4 PM on Saturday we'll be glued to our TV for whiplash whiparound coverage of our other favorite team, BC Eileen's alma mater, Dayton. The Flyers are in the Tournament by virtue of their upset win over top-seeded (and #21-ranked nationally) conference foe St. Bonaventure in the A-10 Tournament. They're a #11 seed, and they'll be squaring off against #6 Arkansas in College Station, Texas. Dayton may be the underdog, but that's why they play the games. Upsets happen. Go Flyers!

What a day for a couple of WCBB fans! And, if these three games aren't enough . . . it's also St. Patrick's Day to boot! We're hoping the luck of the Irish will be with all three of our favorite teams on Saturday!

Go Terps . . . Go Tigers . . . Go Flyers!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

When ESPN Went Off the Air . . . the fun was just beginning . . .

With screams, with tears of joy, and with emotional embraces.

And then with a deluge of balloons and confetti!

This, of course, is what everyone was playing for.

Yes, you've seen other versions of this happy moment all over the web; this one is ours.

Apparently, the trophy is really heavy. (AT: "Don't drop it, Sequoia!")

Thanks to all their work with Coach Kyle, the players had no problem hoisting that heavy piece of hardware over their heads.

Then it was time for the All-Tournament honors. Moments before the official announcement, a certain Maryland player's coach and teammates made their MVP choice clear!

Seconds later, it was official . . . Alyssa, indeed, was named Tournament MVP!

. . . earning her a nice little trophy, presented by ACC Commissioner John Swofford.

After the official presentations, the BCs overheard one of the players ask a teammate, "What do we do now?" The Seniors didn't need to ask . . . they knew exactly what came next: cutting down the nets!




Then it was junior T-Hawk's turn. T: "I shoot guns. I don't know how to operate these things."

But T's a fast learner!

After everyone else had their turn with the scissors . . . last, but certainly not least!

Being experienced with winning, seniors Kimmie and Lynetta also knew to grab the two Championship backboards. After that, what was left was unscripted celebration . . .

Fortunately for Coach B, Brene didn't get her hands on the Gatorade. She had to settle for showering her coach with fistfuls of confetti.

Lots of posing for post-victory photos . . . including one with this sign the BCs made on the morning of Championship Sunday 2009. We displayed it that day in Greensboro amidst the Red Sea of Maryland fans . . . and the Terps won the Tournament! So we figured it had to be lucky! It's been folded up in the trunk of our car ever since. We dug it out this Sunday, so it could make its second Sunday appearance at the Coliseum. Definitely lucky . . . two for two! It would now appear to be a genuine artifact of Terps history.

All of the players took time to seek out their family and friends in the stands; here, the MVP's proud and very happy family.

And the players took time to give interviews . . . Brene explaining what it feels like to win her first ACC Championship.

Every kid loves playing with balloons . . .

Even big kids love playing with balloons!

And then, when the celebration was nearly at an end, senior Anjale Barrett sat quietly by herself on the scorer's table, taking it all in for the very last time. For seniors Anj, Kimmie and Netta, this had to be a bittersweet moment. They won't be returning -- as players -- ever again to Greensboro.

Nothing left to do but sweep up the confetti . . . lots and lots of confetti!

Photo Credits: DC BasketCases

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winning on Sunday!!!

The only thing better than playing on Sunday is . . . WINNING on Sunday. And the Terps did that today, defeating Georgia Tech, 68-65, in an exciting, tense, down-to-the-final-buzzer Championship game in Greensboro!

Today's win was not only the Terps' second ACC Championship in four seasons, but also the tenth in school history . . . a Conference record!!

The BCs have just arrived home after driving the 300 or so miles from Greensboro. (Was it ever worth it!) Unfortunately, all the excitement -- and travel -- have left us, well, running on empty. (Plus, tomorrow is a work day.) So that will be it for blogging tonight, but we promise to put up some post-Tournament thoughts and photos early this week.

For now, the BCs just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the players, coaches, staff, and everyone else associated with the Team!!! (And a shout out to all the other Maryland fans who poured into Greensboro like a Red Sea, to cheer on our team.)

Maryland . . . 2012 ACC Tournament Champions!! Now that's a great Sunday!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Playing on Sunday

Playing on Thursday at the ACC Tournament is something not to be wished for. But playing on Sunday . . . well, that's what it's all about!

Today, Saturday, as the Terps huddled in the tunnel before their semi-final game against Wake Forest, they had just one goal, and one goal only: to play on Sunday.

And play on Sunday they will! The Terps defeated the Demon Deacons this afternoon, 73-58, to advance to the ACC Championship game for the first time since 2009. It may not have been Maryland's most impressive performance this season, but it got the job done. And in Greensboro (as in all tournament play), winning and advancing . . . are all that matters. Maryland won today. Maryland advances. Maryland plays on Sunday against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who, in the first game of today's double-header, easily dispatched their semi-final opponent, NC State, 87-61.

In Maryland's semi-final, Super Soph Alyssa Thomas led all scorers with 18 points, and all rebounders with 12 (yes, another double-double for the ACC POY). Three other Terps also scored in double figures -- Laurin Mincy (13), Lynetta Kizer (12), and Tianna Hawkins (10).

The BCs also want to single out another player, rookie Brene Moseley. Playing in her first ACC Tournament, Bones has looked in these first two tournament games more like a seasoned veteran than a freshman playing her first season back from a year rehabbing an ACL injury. From the very first Maryland game this fall, Bones impressed us with her poise, and has continued to impress us since. Bones had 9 points in 16 minutes off the bench today. Her total included two shots from the free throw line -- that she calmly swished -- after one of the Wake players was called for a technical. Many upperclassmen would not have been that calm in this Tournament atmosphere. But Bones sunk both shots, to extend the Terps' lead.

Tomorrow, Bones and all the Maryland players will need to be focused -- and poised -- when they take the court against the Yellow Jackets at 2 PM in the nationally-televised Championship game (ESPN2). When the buzzer sounds at the end of 40 minutes (or possibly even a little more), one team will cut down the nets and one team will simply head home. If tomorrow's game follows the usual pattern of Maryland v. Georgia Tech match-ups, it will be tough, physical . . . and close. In other words, a Championship-caliber final. (We've got butterflies already.)

Go Terps . . . Beat the Yellow Jackets! Win the ACC Championship!

Photo Credits: DC BasketCases

Friday, March 02, 2012

Where Do We Even Start to describe the exciting games we saw today?

First off (in order of importance), Maryland won! In the last of the day's 4 ACC Tourney quarter-final games, the Terps put on a dominating performance in beating the Cavaliers, 70-58, to advance to tomorrow's tourney semi-final. The final margin doesn't convey how convincing a victory this was. Anytime you take a 20-point lead into the locker room at the half (40-20) and have the luxury of resting your starters for a significant part of the game, while the reserves confidently finish things out . . . that's a convincing win in the BCs' book.

Super Soph and ACC Player of the Year, Alyssa Thomas, led the Terps with 18 points in just 26 minutes. Brene (Baby Bones) Moseley made the most of her ACC Tourney debut, nailing 3 of 4 from beyond the arc and finishing with 13 points in 19 minutes. Meanwhile, T-Hawk, in her 23 minutes of playing time, did her usual stellar job of cleaning the glass, grabbing a game-high 10 boards.

With tonight's win, the Terps move one step closer to playing for the ACC Championship.

Who will Maryland face in tomorrow's semi-final? Well, that's where today's ACC Round Two was really -- we mean REALLY -- interesting!

Yesterday, if you told the BCs that two teams from the State of North Carolina, and one team from a state south of the Carolinas, would join Maryland as the last four teams standing at the end of today, you wouldn't have gotten any argument from us.

And, as it turned out, that's exactly what happened today. But if it's possible to be right and at the same time be completely wrong, then that would describe this day in Greensboro.

First, in today's early game (another screaming kids day match), Georgia Tech (a team from south of the Carolinas) hung on to beat the Tar Heels in a 1-point nail-biter, 54-53. This game was exciting and entertaining, though the result wasn't entirely unexpected. But "entirely unexpected" was definitely on the menu for later in the day.

When NC State jumped out to an early lead over Duke in the 3 PM contest, the BCs confess we never thought their lead would last. Oh we of little faith! The Wolfpack, the #9 seed, knocking off the Blue Devils, the #1 seed? No way. Won't happen. But happen it did. Surprise! The fearless, relentless, never-back-down Pack pulled off a huge tournament upset. The last NC State seniors to play for Kay Yow performed a near-miracle! They sent the Blue Devils home (all the way to Durham) in the second thrilling nail-biter of the day, 75-73. Wow! Yes, that qualifies as entirely unexpected . . . and as entirely awesome! (The BCs heard, unofficially, that there hasn't been an ACC Championship final since 1991 in which either Duke or UNC wasn't competing.)

But the surprises -- and the excitement -- weren't over yet. With Duke gone, that left Miami as the now-top-seeded team in this year's tournament. Which also meant that if the remaining seeds held, the Terps and Miami would face off on Saturday for a chance to advance to the title game.

We don't know if the Canes were caught looking past Wake Forest, or if the Demon Deacons simply played inspired basketball (probably a combination, if truth be told). In any event, as entirely unexpected as Duke losing to the Pack was, it was just as surprising to see Miami upended by Wake, 81-74.

First the Tar Heels . . . gone. Then Duke . . . gone. And then . . . Miami . . . gone! We couldn't believe it! What a day! What a crazy, topsy turvy tournament! The BCs have been coming to Greensboro for years, but never, ever, ever have we experienced a day quite like this one.

So, yes, that prediction about today was totally right . . . but ever so wrong! The line-up for tomorrow's semi-finals includes Maryland, two teams from the State of North Carolina (NC State and Wake Forest) and a team from south of the Carolinas, Georgia Tech. Go figure.

To sum it all up, Maryland, now the top-seeded team remaining, meets Wake Forest in the late semi (1:30 PM), while NC State and GT face off at 11 AM.

Go Terps . . . Beat the Deacons!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Playing on Thursday

The day started early for the BCs, with our annual road trip to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament. Thankfully, the Terps had a bye today, which meant we could just enjoy the four first round games. The 11 AM contest was the kids' game, and nothing that happened on the court could get the Guilford County school kids out of their seats -- and screaming -- more than the periodic appearances of the ACC Shoe blimp.

In the morning opener, the Tar Heels rolled over Clemson, 90-51.

After lunch, it was the battle of the "States." In this one, NC State came from behind to edge Florida State, 74-71. This was quite possibly senior Cierra Bravard's last college game, as the 'Noles are unlikely to make the NCAA Tournament this year.

In the day's third game -- by this time, it was actually evening -- Wake Forest downed Virginia Tech, 80-74. And then -- finally -- it was time for the nightcap, the game between Virginia and Boston College, which tipped off around 8:30 PM. This was the game Terp fans were waiting for. The winner of this game would meet Maryland tomorrow at 8 PM in round two.

The entire Terps coaching staff was in the house scouting. Plus, Coach B brought all the Maryland players over to watch, as well. That, of course, included, Super Soph Alyssa Thomas who, earlier today, was named ACC Player of the Year! Not a surprise . . . AT has been simply phenomenal all season long. But certainly a great honor. Congratulations to Alyssa! So well deserved.

By the time this fourth game rolled around, the BCs, we confess, were feeling a bit fatigued. So after watching Virginia race out to a dominating lead over Boston College (above), we decided that it would be sufficient to catch the rest of this lopsided game on our hotel TV . . . while we blogged about all the playing on Thursday. After that, what was left on our to-do list was "get some rest." Tomorrow is a big day, with a big game, against a talented opponent. And the BCs -- and all the Maryland fans -- need to be ready!

(Oh, by the way, the Cavs won, 72-41.)

Go Terps . . . Beat the Cavs (on Friday)!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases