Friday, November 09, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

After the all-too-long off season, the Terps' 2012-13 regular season finally got underway tonight with a game at Comcast against Mount St. Mary's.  It's always fun to watch Maryland in action, and it was great to see the Terps back on the court . . . at least the 9 remaining healthy players. Unfortunately, Maryland lost 2 players for the entire season due to ACL tears (first Brene and then Essence) even before today's tip-off. But the team doesn't dwell on the negative, so neither will we.  Tonight it was fun seeing the returning Terps, and especially fun seeing newbies Chloe Pavlech, Tierney Pfirman, and Malina Howard in their very first college regular season action. (The frosh all look like keepers to us!)  

The game itself, however, was, as we said "fun" . . . but hardly exciting. Nor should it have been against an opponent from the Northeastern Conference. So, no surprise, the Terps easily handled the Mountaineers, winning 88-47

What brought the biggest smiles to the BCs' faces tonight actually took place before the tip-off, as we got to witness our first Maryland "ring ceremony." (We're not trying to be political here . . .  same-sex marriage will soon be legal in Maryland, but, no, that's not the kind of "ring ceremony" we're talking about.)  Before this evening's contest, 2012 ACC Championship rings were handed out to all the players (except poor Katie Rutan) and all the coaches who were part of last season's victory in the Conference Finals. 

We loved that this was done in front of the fans.  Those of us who were in Greensboro, as well as those who cheered from afar, remember that ACC tournament as a very special time.  Tonight, seeing the surprise, excitement and emotion on the faces of the players as they opened their ring boxes, well, that just made us happy.

You know what also made the BCs happy that the regular season is now underway?  Refrigerator Magnets!  It's not a new season in our house until we peel off the old magnet with the picture of last year's team (relocating it to a place of honor . . . on top of the fridge) and replace it with the new magnet with this year's team picture and schedule. Add to that the fact that tonight we also received our new Rebounder Tees (very nice, white, long-sleeved!), and finally the arrival of the new season is real.

2011-12 was simply great (an ACC Championship, the Elite Eight), but now it's time to ring in the new year.  Happy 2012-13 everyone!!  Terps, we are so happy you're back!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases


At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 3 Freshman looked great last nite. In fact everyone looked good. We havent had a money 3 point shooter in years, nice to see Katie nail some 3's, we're gonna need them throughout the season. Looks like Alicia has stepped up he offence around the basket. Sorry to hear about Essence, was wondering why she didn'd play. Should be a fun season, looks like Breanda totally reloaded.


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