Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Chart.* Over the years, the Mystics have changed coaches almost as often as some people change their underwear. Tuesday night's game between the Mystics and the Liberty saw a veritable chart of coaches** enjoying (or in some cases, not) the game at the Phone Booth. Now, it's possible the BasketCases missed a few, but these are the ones we spotted: first, of course, there was Richie Adubato, head coach of the Mystics who is also a former head coach of the Liberty. And then, on the opposite bench, there was Patty Coyle, current head coach of the Liberty, who used to be Richie Adubato's assistant coach when he was head coach of the Liberty. Also on the Liberty bench was Marianne Stanley, who used to be head coach of the Mystics and is now Patty Coyle's assistant coach for the Liberty. Then the eagle-eyed BasketCases spotted Nancy Darsch in the stands. Nancy used to be head coach of the Mystics. She was also head coach of the Liberty (but not at the same time) and was also an assistant coach for the Lynx (but not at the same time). Also sighted in the stands was Jeff House, former assistant coach of the Liberty while Richie was the Liberty head coach and Patty was another of Richie's assistants, but then when Patty took over head coaching responsibilities for the Liberty, Jeff became assistant coach of the Mystics under Michael Adams (who was not in attendance last night as far as we know) and then under Richie when Linda Hargrove, who was Michael's assistant coach, was promoted to Mystics GM. Later, Jeff left for UVA to become assistant to Debbie Ryan (also absent last night, as far as we know). GM Linda Hargrove then hired Richie Adubato as Mystics head coach. And Richie and Linda hired Marynell Meadors and Tree Rollins as assistant coaches for the Mystics and they, too, were both present last night. The BasketCases also had the pleasure of meeting Katie Meier, head coach at the University of Miami where Mystics rookie Tamara James (who Linda Hargrove drafted in the first round of this year's draft) played her college ball. We should also mention that while an assistant coach at Tulane, Coach Meier also coached Barb Farris who now plays for the Liberty. And, as long as we're discussing player connections, we would be remiss if we did not mention that it was GM Linda Hargrove, then GM and head coach of the WNBA's Portland Fire, who drafted Mystics PG Nikki Teasley, traded her to the Sparks, and then reacquired Nikki in the big Mystics-Sparks trade during this last offseason. Got all that? (See chart above.)

*with apologies to "The L Word"
**"chart of coaches": new collective noun coined by the BasketCases


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