Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Game Day with GM Linda Hargrove. The Basketcases very much enjoyed the "chalk talks" that Mystics GM Linda Hargrove presented before several games last season, so we asked Linda a few "chalk talk" type questions about tonight's Liberty game and this year's Mystics team. Here's what Linda had to say:

BC: Are there any special problems in preparing for a team that’s undergone the “extreme makeover” that the Liberty has since last season?

LH: "I think it is always a challenge trying to get a team of new players to understand each others game and be able to instinctively know what pass to deliver and where your teammate can have the most success on the floor. NY had so much consistency in their line up for so long that the game probably came pretty easy to them with all the veterans. I think it will take some time to get that comfortable feeling on the court now. That being said the same thing could be said for our group since we also have many new pieces"

BC: What do you see as the key match-ups in tonight’s game?

LH: "I think for us it will be who ever guards Hammon. Becky is a great player and must not be allowed to do what she wants. Defensively we must apply a lot of pressure and not give her open looks from beyond the arc. "

BC: What differences between this year’s Mystics team and last season’s team should Mystics fans expect to see?

LH: "We have much more quality depth, have added a veteran 3 point threat in Crystal Robinson and strength, rebounding and attitude with Latasha Byears. But I think the biggest difference you will see is the closeness of our team and willingness to make the extra pass. We really enjoy playing together and will work hard to achieve our goals."

BC: Any word on Alana’s status? We heard she rolled an ankle in practice this weekend

LH: "Alana is fine and has not turned her ankle. Must be a rumor started by a NY fan who wants people to stay home and not come and support the Mystics."

BC: As GM, what was your thinking in deciding to waive Charm and sign free agent Pax?

LH: "I made enough tough decisions this off season and am glad that the waiving of Charm did not fall on my shoulders. I do believe that my grandkids will love Pax and I can’t wait for them to get to DC and meet him. Are we the only place in the US that has a panda? Something unique to DC? I personally like it. "

The BasketCases wish to THANK LINDA for taking the time to answer our questions for this Game Day report!


At 4:30 PM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

This is quickly becoming THE PLACE TO BE for all things Mystics. Great job to the Basketcases, and Thanks Linda for being a fan oriented GM.

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