Saturday, May 13, 2006

Focus on the Family (no, not them, this is about the players' families) . . . The BasketCases spotted Comet Mistie Williams's father, Chubby Checker, in the crowd tonight. Pretty much no one else seemed to know who he was, including the folks running the arena's video system. Late in the first half, we pointed him out to the camera operators. At half time, Sheila Johnson had Chubby come down to the court, where she was doing an interview. At her request, he performed a bit of The Twist for the crowd. For some odd reason, he chose to leave the court by climbing over the visitors' bench, tripped, and did a new version of The Twist (almost breaking a leg in the process).

After the game, the BastketCases had the pleasure of chatting with Nikki Teasley's mother. Mom was practically in tears, she was so overjoyed at having Nikki at home. And she confirmed what we've thought all along -- that Nikki really wanted to play in DC. (Of course, the BasketCases thought that Pat Summitt should have used the 4 pick in the 2002 draft to select Nikki then. But don't get us started on that.)


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Bill-DC said...

Good luck to the Mystics this year! Hopefully they can make the playoffs this year and hang a different banner that doesn't say Attendance Champions on it.

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