Tuesday, June 20, 2006

GM Update: DeLisha Out 6-8 Weeks. Just before joining the team on the train to New York, GM Linda Hargrove generously took the time to give the BasketCases blog readers this update on DeLisha Milton-Jones and the Mystics:

BC: Of course everyone's interested in knowing how DeLisha is doing and when we might see her back in the line-up. Is there any information you can share with us?

LH: "DeLisha has been diagnosed with a MCL sprain and will be out of commission for 6-8 weeks. It is a tough blow for us but we will expect others to step up and get the job done. She will begin rehab today and will do everything possible to join the Mystics this season."

BC: Though still struggling, NY seems to be playing better than they did earlier in the season. With DeLisha's injury, what concerns you most about Wednesday's rematch with the Liberty at the Garden?

LH: "NY has definitely improved and we will have to do a better job defensively, not make silly fouls, especially at the post position and convert the easy looks."

BC: Should we expect to see any personnel changes, now that DeLisha is unable to play?

LH: "We will see how our team reacts with this set back. I don't anticipate adding anyone new right now but that could change."

* * * * *

6-8 weeks! *ugh* The BasketCases and other Mystics fans are extremely disappointed for DeLisha and the team. This is certainly a huge loss. We send DeLisha our best and wish her a complete and speedy recovery. As always, we are grateful to Linda Hargrove for sharing her insights with us and keeping our readers informed.


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