Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sandwich! The BasketCases admit they were initially confused about what a Dancing Sandwich (part of the new Mystics Snack Pack) had to do with the Mystics or with basketball. But now we get it . . . duh! Today at 1 PM, the Mystics take on the Comets at the Kids Day game in Houston. The game is being broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet in the DC area and on NBA-TV outside the area . . . as well as being Webcast on (in theory, at least --- there have been some webcast problems for some games). Obviously, the Dancing Sandwich was intended to remind all Mystics fans to "brown-bag" a sandwich today, so those of us who pretend to work for a living can watch the game while eating lunch!

The Mystics will need all the virtual fan support they can get. The always-tough Houston Comets are looking to rebound from a very disappointing road loss they suffered in Connecticut on Tuesday. Tina Thompson had the worst shooting night of her career and will, no doubt, be looking to take out her frustration on the Comets' next opponent, the Mystics. The Mystics had a frustrating loss of their own on Tuesday; the BasketCases are hoping that the Mystics' post-Indy rebound will be able to trump whatever intensity Tina, Sheryl Swoopes and the rest of the Comets bring into today's game.


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