Sunday, July 23, 2006

(d)Ejection. On Friday in San Antonio, the Mystics played three quarters of basketball, which was sufficient to beat the Silver Stars. Tonight in DC, however, the Mystics only played the last two quarters, which was not enough to beat the Storm. During the first half, the Mystics committed 13 turnovers and hit 9 field goals. You don't win too many games with that kind of stat, and indeed the Mystics dug themselves a hole that proved insurmountable despite a terrific second half by the team, including a career high 30 points by Alana Beard (still playing with a bad ankle) and another double double by Chasity Melvin. With 38.3 seconds left, Richie Adubato was called for his second technical and ejected. That pretty much summed up the game, as the Mystics lost, 73-71. Alana couldn't have said it better: "We didn't come to play and you can't do that in this game. You've got to come for 40 minutes."

There were a few memorable moments, though:

In nearly nine years of watching Mystics games, the BasketCases have never seen the game ball disappear, not even during half time magic acts. But tonight, with about 5 minutes left in the game, the officials and the teams returned to the court after a time out, only to find the game ball missing. Official June Courteau finally realized that the time out entertainment guys had taken it off the court with them after a kiddy shoot out contest. She called for the ball, and one was thrown out to her from a tunnel. Unfortunately, it was a cheap rubber ball, so June threw it back and asked for the real ball. Finally, a leather ball was thrown out. It was getting to be like a vaudeville act. June inspected the ball carefully, and handed it to Alana Beard, who likewise gave it a good looking over. They decided it was a go.

Sue Bird spent more time after warmups signing autographs and posing for pictures (graciously) than just about any player we have ever seen. She is a class act.

Latasha Byears, still on injured reserve (but expecting to play on Tuesday), was in black street clothes tonight, and the BasketCases do mean street clothes. Wendy Palmer was also in black street clothes, but all similarities ended there.

During pre-game warmups, WNBA Supervisor of Officials Dee Kantner came walking onto the court. Seattle Coach Anne Donovan and virtually all of the Storm players got big hugs from Dee. The BasketCases knew the Mystics were in trouble when they did not get so much as a long distance wave from her. And indeed they were.


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

Somebody explain to me WHY Coco fouled Turner with more time left in the game than time on the 24 sec clock. Need to send that girl a copy of Magic Johnson's BBall Fundamentals.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Well, it'll have to be someone else who explains it, because the BasketCases have no clue! We looked at each other, scratched our heads and said "why did they do that?" Sue Bird apparently shared our opinion, because as she walked into the Storm huddle immediately after the play, a Mystics fan nearby heard her say to her teammates "that was stupid"---the BasketCases agree.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous the beeg said...

i'm very concerned about the officiating. especially now that i've read this post tonight. lauren jackson travelled so many times i think she earned frequent flyer miles....and never got called for it. i don't think it's sheila and the mystics fault, but this is one mystics fan from day one that is getting really tired of feeling like the officiating is so absurd it is hurting the legitimacy of the game. and i'm getting tired of the frustration game after game after game.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous NEWFAN said...


At 7:15 AM, Anonymous dc ab fan said...

In the Wash Times today (in addition to acknowledging his poorly timed T) Richie says of Alana: "She is having a great year, and she can't even practice. Her ankle is so bad she can't even practice." Did you know Alana is still hurt this badly? She isn't wearing any visible protection on the ankle. Just when Delisha is coming back we have to worry that Alana is one hard pivot away from disaster?

At 9:26 AM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Hi Newfan: Welcome! Richie agrees with you (as do we) that he should not have lost his temper. But as for your comment that "we need a new coach," well, the BasketCases are "old fans" (in more ways than one!) and we think that after eight coaches in eight seasons, the last thing the Mystics need is a new coach.


P.S. To AB fan: it was also news to us that AB's ankle is still so bad... We're keeping our fingers crossed!

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous MSTX Rule said...

Repeat after me: Nikki Blue. Nikki Blue. When Nikki T is having an off-night or maybe at least when she leaves the court in visible pain, wouldn't you think the first response would be: Nikki Blue???? Any inside info? Maybe you can get Linda to answer that question on your next chat with her.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

At the chalk talk that Linda held live a couple of weeks ago, she was asked why Nikki B seems to have fallen out of Richie's rotation. While it's clear that Linda doesn't interfere in Richie's coaching decisions, our recollection of her explanation is that while Nikki B has been providing good defense, her offense has been off of late.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger erika said...

I bet Nikki knows not to foul with more time on the game clock than shot clock!

Or at the very least foul right away, not after letting 14 seconds tick off the clock!

Another question...what happened with Nikki Teasley, why was she relegated to the bench?

??? Mysterious happenings in Mystics land

At 6:50 AM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Nikki T was benched because she'd been playing with two jammed fingers and consequently was turning the ball over and not hitting her shots.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger erika said...

oh...She didn't look very happy, I was wondering if something else happened..


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