Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Day Late and a Dollar Short Richer. Yes, it's true . . . the BasketCases went an entire day without a new blog. Ask any WNBA player (or blogger) -- they'll tell you road games are exhausting! Between the travel and the game (not to mention, but we will, being mobbed by our autograph-seeking Chicago fans) the BasketCases were sorely in need of a day off.

But we're back --- a day later --- and we are happy to report that our mobile-blogging roadtrip was a resounding success! The Mystics won and our cutting-edge technology did not fail us. Also, a friendly Sky fan took our "bet your bottom dollar that the blues (Sky) would lose" literally and insisted on sending the BasketCases home a dollar richer! How great is that?!!

The BasketCases are looking forward to seeing the Mystics extend their winning streak when the team faces the Phoenix Mercury tomorrow (at 11:30 AM!!) in the Phone Booth for the annual Kid's Day or Camp Day or whatever it's called. The BasketCases have some advice for those of you wondering how can you possibly sneak away from work to see the game . . . two words: "loose filling"! Now, we also have some advice for those of you already planning to attend: Arrive early. Kid's Day poses one hazard not usually present in the arena: Bondage! (No, not that kind of bondage . . . shame on you for even thinking such a thing --- you know by now, this is a PG-rated blog!) No, the BasketCases are talking about how the concourse is full of long strings of roped-together color-coded packs of children. Just when you think you have found the entrance to your section, you can easily be surrounded by camper-strings that are harder to unravel than a strand of DNA. The BasketCases know this from personal experience! So, when visiting your dentist heading off to the game, leave yourself plenty of extra time!

Tomorrow's game is not one you would want to miss unless absolutely necessary. Not only does it bring the famous (infamous?) Diana Taurasi to town along with All-Star rookie sensation Cappie Pondexter, but more important, this is your only opportunity left this season to see if you can tell the Miller twins apart! Coco's identical twin, Kelly, plays for the Mercury. As our loyal blog-readers know, the BasketCases had the pleasure of meeting Coco's and Kelly's family in Chicago this past Sunday. The Millers are delightful people and we hope both their daughters play well tomorrow (but since one of them has to lose, the BasketCases hope it's Kelly).

[Note to Mystics fans: If you don't already know where the BasketCases sit in the Phone Booth, tomorrow just look for the people holding a poster-size blow-up of our exclusive photo of the Millers dressed in full-Mystics regalia, with a legend in large print that says: "Attention Kelly: Coco really IS their favorite!"] *just kidding*

Photo credit: Sportspagemagazine.com


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