Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sky wilt when Mystics turn up the heat. Live from Chicago: Playing in a sweltering UIC Pavilion in a city where an excessive heat warning was issued today (hellooo, it's called summer), the Mystics battled an improving Sky team to an 83-75 victory. Nakia Sanford led all scorers with 20 points, and Coco Miller sparked the Mystics' comeback after the Sky went ahead by one late in the game, which no doubt made the Miller family as happy as it made the BasketCases.

As promised, a few BasketCase observations direct from UIC. . .

First, the very good news for Mystics fans is that DeLisha Milton-Jones was warming up with the team and moving well. The BasketCases hope this means she'll be back in the lineup soon.

Alana Beard looked very stylish in her orange and white WNBA All-Star shoes, which she wore for tonight's game, even though they didn't match her blue away uni.

The UIC Pavilion is a good size for a new WNBA team (and, quite frankly, a lot of existing teams). Its one major drawback is the lack of a Jumbotron. Hence, no video introductions, no replays, no special features of any kind. The Sky did have something we really loved, however: the Kaotic Drum Line, a Southside Chicago group that played before the team was introduced and during some time outs, as well as after the game. They also started playing when the Mystics were at the free throw line, which had to be a bit disconcerting because the sound was so loud it shook the stands. They were incredibly talented, and the BasketCases were jealous that we don't have something like that at the Phone Booth.

Sky Guy, the Chicago "mascot," looks like a comic book action figure on steroids. Very friendly, but kind of seedy looking. And why did they go with a "guy" for a women's professional basketball team?

Zane Teilane played tonight, and played well. It was almost like having our own personal Margo Dydek on the Mystics. Unfortunately, the announcer neglected to read his media guide, which contains pronunciations of players' names, and called her Zayne Teelane. The BasketCases were sitting close enough to him to correct him (politely, of course). We hope that made our Latvian readers especially happy.

It's been a fun time in the Midwest, but the BasketCases will be glad to be heading home . . .
Photo Credit: DC BasketCases


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Kayaker said...

You were there for the game? That's more than I can say for the Washington Post.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Roni said...

Thanks for the love. The only other WNBA games I've been to were in Cleveland and I'm so happy that the Sky play in a smaller place.

My friends & I were also wondering why we have a man for a mascot. But did you read his bio in the program? Pure genius.

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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