Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New WNBA Uniforms? When Nancy Lieberman hosted the pre-All-Star Game festivities Tuesday on NBA TV, she also modeled the new WNBA uniforms that Donna Orender intends to introduce next season. As you can see, this lacy camisole number will allow the players far more freedom of movement than they have now, particularly in the chest area if you get the BasketCases' drift. Nancy even demonstrated that by wearing this outfit as she jiggled ran through the "dribble, dish and swish" skills course --- dribbling, passing, and shooting. Far more was swishing than the WNBA ball, and indeed the BasketCases feared that this would turn into a Janet Jackson equipment failure moment. It was, quite frankly, not a pretty sight. It was kind of Nancy to agree to this new uni demonstration. (Either that, or the airlines lost her luggage.)


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Stics fan said...

Is this a joke??? Perhaps the new campaign to address a male audience. Well why don't they wear thongs? Think of the freedom of movement.

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