Friday, August 11, 2006

We Can Bear-ly Contain Ourselves! Yes, Mystics fans, tonight is Fan Appreciation Night at the Phone Booth! And to celebrate this bear-y auspicious occasion, every fan at tonight’s game --- the last home game of the regular season (where did the summer go?) --- will receive a “limited edition” stuffed panda from Build-A-Bear.

Bear with us, there's more . . . ! Because no Mystics fan can ever have too many Mystics T-shirts, the BasketCases were also delighted to learn that the Mystics will be giving out Tees to all STHs tonight . . .whether or not their attendance was perfect!

But as happy as the BasketCases always are with free goodies, we think the Mystics could show their greatest appreciation to their fans by BEATING Bill LaimBear and his un-bear-able Bam-Bam growls girls (a/k/a the Detroit Shock).

While a Mystics win tonight would set a franchise record for most wins in the regular season, the game actually has more "meaning" for the Shock. A Shock win would lock up second place in the Eastern Conference for Detroit and guarantee them home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs. The Mystics are playing for pride, momentum and for their fans! So it's time to come out of Summer hibernation and make your way to the Phone Booth. Don't miss out on a great game --- one that could actually be a preview of the second round of the playoffs --- and your fan appreciation goodies. Remember, there will be Bears today, but they'll be gone tomorrow!


At 11:34 AM, Blogger LSUTigerFan said...

I am trying to give away two tickets for tonight...none of my friends have called me back, but if you know anyone who might be interested email me at
They are not is courtside across from the mystics bench second to last seat (access to Johnny Walker room, the other is behind the visitor bench

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous MSTX Rule said...

What a fantastic game! It was so cool to see all the pandas waving! On to NY!


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