Saturday, September 23, 2006

FIBA Games on TV Today. According to the WNBA's FIBA World Championship web page, both the bronze medal game between the USA and Brazil -- at 8:30 A.M. EDT (9:30 A.M. in Brazil, and is that early for a game or what?) -- and the Championship game between Australia and Russia -- at 1 P.M. EDT -- will be shown live on NBA TV! Interestingly, NBA TV's own web site says that at 1 P.M. EDT today it will be showing the "2006 FIBA Women's World Championship Quarter Finals Live." To which the BasketCases say: there is no substitute for careful fact checking and proof reading!

Now, if NBA TV really does show the gold medal game live today, even though the USA isn't in it, can the BasketCases take credit because we called them yesterday and urged them to broadcast it? Or, could it be that the network had blocked the 1-3 P.M. slot today for that game, assuming that the Americans would be playing, and, having set the time aside, will show the game anyway? Well, we don't care. We just hope we really get to see it!


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