Monday, September 18, 2006

Czech Out. In its closest test in Brazil thus far, Team USA defeated the Czech Republic tonight, 63-50, to remain undefeated after group play. The Czechs kept the game tight in the first half, but couldn't sustain the effort after the break. Playing the third game in as many days, and the sixth game in a week, both teams looked tired. However, an almost-highlight moment came at the very end of the first quarter, when Candace Parker got the ball on a fast break and was wide open heading toward the basket. No doubt everyone in the arena (and everyone watching the game on TV) thought that Candace would dunk, except Candace. Her indecision resulted in a missed basket, as she merely tossed the ball upward at the very last moment and it bounced off the glass.

Team USA will take on Lithuania on Wednesday at 6:45 PM EDT in a Quarter Final match. And yes, of course, you can see the game live on NBA TV!


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