Thursday, September 21, 2006

UPSET!!! The Russians handed Team USA a huge, surprising, loss tonight, 75-68, in their semi final game. It was a tough match for the Americans, who were held to 6 (six!!) points in the third quarter. The USA plays host Brazil on Saturday in the bronze medal game, but that's certainly not the color they were hoping to come home with.

No Picture?? And as for the World Championship game between Australia and Russia, well, it appears that we Americans are not likely to see it. NBA TV (yes, the BasketCases' favorite network) had announced before the Championships began that it would continue to show FIBA games as long as Team USA was in them. (A typically American view of the world; if we're not there, how important can it be? Kind of like the ferry that sinks in the Indian Ocean with 435 people aboard that you read about on page 25 of your paper.) We hope the network will change its mind, but don't hold your breath.


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