Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a Great Day!!

Not only did the USA baby-ballers win Gold this afternoon at the Pan American Games, but the Mystics then played what was probably their best game of the season tonight, and they even did it at home!

Taking the court against the Seattle Storm, the Mystics played a complete game of basketball from start to finish -- all four quarters! In fact, they played more than four quarters, as the game went into overtime. It was fun, competitive, and exciting, from the opening tip through the 45th minute. Best of all, the Mystics won, 97-96.

And in order to win, the Mystics had to counter an absolutely phenomenal performance by Lauren Jackson, who tied the WNBA single-game scoring record of 47 points and shattered her own career high of 35. She also grabbed 14 rebounds. The Mystics' counter-punch came from three players, Alana Beard, Monique Currie, and DeLisha Milton-Jones, who scored 27, 23, and 22 points, respectively. Mo had a double-double of her own, pulling down 11 rebounds. And Nikki Teasley dished out a game-high 10 assists. It was simply an incredible game.

The Mystics went home happy, the fans went home happy. It's all good.


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous betsyindc said...

An all around spectacular performance by the Mystics! Nakia Sanford had a fabulous game even though she was not a top scorer. Alana took charge in overtime. Everybody stepped up. They played hard and fast, keeping Jackson sluggish and winded on several occasions. LJ was money from everywhere on the floor, but we still found a way to win. Super performance on the home court!

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

One Heck-of-a game! For the Mystics, complet form start to finish. Sandford did play a great game. The last two fouls on her - the one that sent LJ to the line at the end of regulation and the last one where she fouled out - were both bogus. But hey, it's LJ, so what can you do.

The Aussie's will be Tough in the olympics. LJ is still just in her prime, and Penny Taylor's game has elevated to all world status. Swoopes, TT are at their twilight and who knows what condition LLL will be in. The youngn's are gonna have to step up. I'd love to see how well Candace Parker defends LJ.

Go Mystics!!!

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

It was, indeed, refreshing to see us crash the boards much harder. They were attacking the glass and it's been a long time since I've seen the Mystics do that. I'm glad we got the win, but I have to give LoJack props for her 47 points. I always knew she was an amazing player and I was honored to see her do that in person. Just incredible game by her. But, most importantly, a GREAT win for us! Enjoy it now, fellow BasketCases, as we need to focus on a tough Detroit team next.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger karen said...

Ditto that.. great great great game. .. from both sides. Reminded me why I love this league and the Mystics!

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

ALMOST makes you think that the Mystics could have a "Big Three" ala the early Comets. Hope they can keep them together next year. DMJ will be an UFA and Alana (and Sandford) will be RFA. And the new CBA will have to be settled.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Man, Tony, can't you just let us enjoy Tuesday night's events for a bit? Big buzz-kill with that info! LOL! If our front office is smart, those three will be Mystics next year and beyond!

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Although I will add that, all through that nail-biting second half, when we were blowing leads, the two ladies who sit behind me kept saying, "We've got this, we've got this!" and I didn't want to join them because I was afraid I'd hurt the karma. I can't even look at the East standings right now. I'm sure I'm another game like that away from a triple-bypass and/or nervous breakdown!

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

>>Man, Tony, can't you just let us enjoy Tuesday night's events for a bit? Big buzz-kill with that info! LOL! <<

Haha!!! Sorry, man. Guess I'm always looking diown the road. An even year next year, you know.

There were couple of Storm fans sitting next to us. Very pretty girls (and they new it), but were obnoxious as all heck. Kept talkin smack all through the game. When AB put in the dagger in the final seconds of OT, they got up and left in a huff. THAT made the win all the better for me.

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous C&OSpence said...

I took my young teenage daughter to Tuesday's game (first time for her this year, my fourth) and to my
tremendous joy she got into the game much more than ever before. I tried to impress upon her that she'd seen history made (or tied at least) by LJ.

Also nice was Teasley's effort, with five boards and those ten big assists (more than in a long time IIRC). She worked a stationary bike on the sidelines when she wasn't in the game, keeping the knee loose. I think the 'Stics are due for their first odd-year playoff appearance... might even happen at Connecticut's expense.


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