Monday, September 17, 2007

Separated at Birth?

The Mystics announced today that they have appointed Greg Bibb as the team's new Chief Operating Officer.

“'Greg’s experience in sports management, sponsorship, sales and overall marketing is essential as we reposition the Washington Mystics for continued growth in 2008,' said (Mystics President) Sheila Johnson."
According to his bio on the Mystics website, Greg has more than 10 years of sports operations experience. What his Mystics bio doesn't say is that Greg, unbeknownst to Coco and Kelly Miller (not to mention their mother), is actually the Miller twins' fraternal triplet! Pictures don't lie. Please stay tuned to the BasketCases' blog for all late-breaking multiple birth news!

On behalf of Mystics fans, the BasketCases send a warm welcome to new COO Greg Bibb!

Tuesday Update: The Washington Post is reporting that the Mystics are in negotiations with Tree Rollins to remove the "Interim" from his title and formally name him as Head Coach. As fans will recall, Tree took over in June when Richie Adubato resigned four games into the season (0-4), and finished out the summer with a winning record (16-14). The BasketCases think that Tree deserves the opportunity to have a season all his own.

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