Friday, November 09, 2007

Today's the Day! Tonight, 7 PM, at Comcast, the Terps open the regular season vs Princeton. This game also marks the kick off of the Women's National Invitation Tournament. The Sun's Milton Kent has a nice feature about the Terps' New Wave and the Examiner's Ron Snyder has an interesting story about the Golden Girls. Meanwhile, the Washington Post does its annual "Women's Preview" (pdf) -- a single page (much of which is taken up with a large picture of Candace Parker) -- after spending four days previewing the "Men." Could they spare it?

Speaking of the Media . . . if you missed any of these articles and preseason accolades, now's the time to catch up: (There will be a quiz.)

Preseason AP All-American? Crystal Langhorne!'s Best Player at the Wing Position? Marissa Coleman!
One of's Top 5 at the Center Position? Crystal Langhorne!
Maryland's Preseason Ranking in Both National Polls? 4th!
Terps named to the (National Player of the Year) Wooden Award Watch List? 3 of the 30 . . . Crystal Langhorne (again), Marissa Coleman and Kristi Toliver.
Excellent Feature on by Graham Hays (our new favorite sportswriter?): Maryland Ready to Move
Good Season Preview by Charlene Curtis: Maryland picked to finish 1st in the ACC.
Recently Engaged? Billy Cornfed Fennelly and former Iowa State star point guard Lyndsey Medders. Congratulations!!!

See you tonight!

Friday Afternoon Update: And if those props aren't enough, here's more announced today . . . Preseason First Team All-American? You guessed it, Crystal Langhorne! Preseason Second Team All-American? Marissa Coleman!


At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Basketcases - you have me sufficiently hyped for the start of the Terps championship season!! And as usual, our hometown newspaper, the Washington "com post" is often so disrespectful of female athletes - it makes me crazy! And I make it a point to complain and to compliment when they get it! Have a great time tonight!

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the significance of #42? When I see #42 on a sports blog/site I think Jackie Robinson... thanks BCs.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

42 . . . if they advance to the finals of the WNIT and the finals of the ACC Tournament, and then the finals of the NCAAs, the National Championship game would be the Terps' 42d game of the season (which includes the exhibition game against Team USA).

We hope they get to play all 42 games. That would be a lot of great basketball!!


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