Saturday, December 08, 2007

After losing a father, a grandmother, or much-loved pet, it's never easy to get off the bench and back in the game. We know this from personal experience . . . having lost family members, both human and canine (as, no doubt, have many of our readers). We've found that sometimes it helps to just get going again.

So, we've been catching up on our reading, and here's some interesting stuff we've discovered (most of which is probably old news to most of you) . . .

Coach B Stylin'! Yesterday, the feature article on the front page of the Washington Post's Style Section was a long, interesting, in-depth article about Coach Frese's Double Duty this season . . . carrying twins and coaching a title contender. The print editon of the feature covers almost two full pages, with several great photos mixed in. We learn that Drey Mingo, who's interested in pursuing a career in pediatric medicine (perhaps after a stint in the WNBA) will be joining Coach B and husband Mark Thomas on their next sonogram appointment. [Aside to Drey: If you notice one or both of the babies have a little squiggly thing, DO NOT ask the doctor about this while the parents-to-be are in the room! They don't want to know.] Lots of great reading in this feature . . . this is a don't miss!

Stricken with Strickland. Apparently we aren't the only people who've been struck by the veteran-like performance of freshman starter Marah Strickland thus far this season. Also on Friday, The Diamondback focused on Marah's contribution to the team's success. "'She doesn't play like a freshman,' Frese said" in the University paper.

Introducing (Again). On Thursday, Matt Bracken in the Baltimore Sun's Recruiting Report introduces us to the Terps' 2009 verbal commit, Dara Taylor . . . whom the BasketCases introduced in their blog on Tuesday. "First of all she is lightning quick and fast," Dara's high school coach Kristin Caldwell told Bracken. Dara's enthusiasm for becoming a future Terp comes through loud and clear in Matt's Report . . . and that makes for good reading.

No doubt, you already saw or at least know all about how a flu-bitten Maryland line-up pulled out a close win over Middle Tennessee State on Wednesday, even without their head coach (or bloggers) in attendance. And how the Terps caged the Panthers of Northern Iowa last night in a lopsided easy victory.

Tomorrow (Sunday), the always feisty Temple Owls and their coach, Dawn Staley, arrive at Comcast to face off against the Terps in a 2 PM game. However, if you're a season ticket holder or Family 4-pack owner, the fun begins at Noon with a party for Maryland's best fans!


At 11:45 PM, Blogger Marilyn O'Brien said...

Thanks for letting me know about the article in the Diamondback about Marah. She's my "scrapbook girl" so I'm always looking for things about her.


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