Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Just In . . .Ready, Set, Record!

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) The Early Show on CBS (probably during the 8 o'clock hour**) is planning to feature an interview with Coach B and the Terps' players.

If, like the BasketCases, something else (such as work) conflicts with this program . . . then set your DVR or TIVO it, so you don't miss so much as a second of this nationally televised broadcast!

**of course, programming like this is always subject to change, so we're starting our recording even earlier than 8 AM, just in case.

Under the Shell, Episode 1 (which was broadcast last Saturday on Comcast SportsNet) will air for the first time tomorrow (Thursday) on CSTV (check your local channel line-up) at 10:30 AM. So if you missed it on Comcast, you have another chance to catch (and record!) a broadcast of this terrific series premiere.


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