Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Let This Happen To You!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) the Maryland Rebounders will be holding their first of several tailgate parties of the season. Outside in the Comcast parking lot, the Terps' loyal boosters will be lighting coals, cooking weenies (hot dogs, not Dukies), and consuming enough liquid refreshment to stay well hydrated throughout the Terps' 2 PM game against the UCLA Bruins. And the good news is that the weather forecast is for sunny skies and temperatures in the balmy 40s! (With such a favorable forecast, just remember . . . no bathing suits, and shirts & shoes are required!)

But for those who think that a pregame tailgate is all fun and games, think again! Check out this recent article from the Washington Post about a Redskins pregame tailgate (link here) . . . where several cars went up in flames! Who knew that these things can be so dan-ger-ous! So, Be Careful Out There! And, just remember . . . no matter how big a hurry you're in to get into Comcast for the tip-off, DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT put HOT COALS in the trunk of your car!


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