Monday, June 29, 2009


The Mystics play the second game of their 4-game road trip at 8 PM tomorrow (Tuesday) in San Antonio. If you were looking forward to seeing this game and you aren't already in the Alamo City, you'd better hop a plane right now, because the Silver Stars are too cheap to participate have elected not to participate in WNBA Live Access this season.

That's right, no webcast tomorrow evening from San Antonio. All you'll see on WNBA Live Access is a blank screen.

However, we've been assured that fans will still be able to listen to the game. If things work as promised, on the WNBA Live Access page you should find a "Play Audio Only" link below the bottom left corner of the blank webcast screen. Click on this, and (hopefully) you'll hear Frank ("woman to woman D") Hanrahan's play-by-play from San Antonio.

As for the game itself, San Antonio is one of only four teams in the league still undefeated at home. So Tuesday's match will be a tough test for the Mystics, who are seeking to end their 2-game losing streak.

Bad luck on the timing, though. Russian citizen Rebekkah Hammonova of the Silver Stars left her San Antonio teammates in the lurch missed two games earlier this month when she returned to Europe to play in a tournament with the Russian National Team. While she was gone, the Silver Stars lost both of their games, but Becky is back in Texas now and so the Mystics will be playing a team at full strength. And that means that in addition to Hammon, they will also face San Antonio's imposing front court, anchored by 6'5" All-Star Ruth Riley and 6'8" Katie Feenstra Mattera. So if the Mystics hope to win one on the road, Washington's own front court starters will need to raise their games a few notches, and our back court shooters will also need to have a very good night. It should be a tough but exciting game.

We'll be watching listening.

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Tomorrow's news today: Don't miss Katie Carrera's article in the Washington Post about new PG Lindsey Harding, posted on line this afternoon.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger natthedem said...

I share your frustration about tomorrow's video blackout, but I do want to take exception to your commentary about Becky Hammon.

Becky has an obligation to the Russian National Team and she stepped away from San Antonio to meet them. Her Silver Star teammates didn't express any disappointment with her decision so who are we to pass judgment? No one gave Lauren Jackson this much flack when she left the Storm to return to Australia before the 2008 Olympics.

Moreover, there's an element of sexism to all of this, which it pains me to hear other women perpetuate. Men, particularly baseball, soccer and hockey stars, play for other countries (that aren't their birth country) all the time and, occasionally, they leave their professional teams to meet international obligations. It's not at all unusual and the fact that it's being used to critique Becky Hammon is just perpetuating a double standard.

That said, I understand that most folks making comments about Hammon's absence aren't making them about this particular 2 game hiatus, but about the fact that she plays for Russia in the first place. Putting aside the fact that the Cold War has long been over, I'd just say I agree: I wish Becky Hammon wasn't playing for Russia either.

I wish TPTB with Team USA had had the good sense to offer one of the best women's basketball players in the game one of the slots on our team's roster.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

dear natt,

Rule #1 for readers of the BasketCases blog: You must bring a sense of humor and apply it liberally to everything you read here.

Rule #2: Lauren Jackson was born and bred in Australia. Our dear friend Petey visited Rapid City, SD last summer and swears that there's a statue of Becky Hammon in the Main Square (right next to a piece of the Berlin Wall) with a plaque that reads "Proud Daughter of the Mt Rushmore State."

Rule #3: the BasketCases don't blog about baseball, soccer or hockey, so consider this your first are straying off topic.

Rule #4: calling out the BCs on their own blog as being sexist is not any way to earn a nomination for the BasketCases' Commentor-of-the-Year Award. (For the record, the BCs were fighting sexism before most of our loyal readers were born.)


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any update on Marissa's state of health, when she might be able to return to play?

At 1:22 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

During the web cast of the Chicago game, we spotted Marissa on the bench (in street clothes, with her leg propped up). We take it as a good sign that she's traveling with the team. Let's hope she's back in action soon.

-- BC

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear BC, Concerning your response to Natt. Way to go!!!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

No Frank, either, on live audio. All I'm getting is SA radio network. Such nonsense.

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Ed S said...

Blackout... Can you say Blackout...
Even when the Mystic's were undefeated, we were BLACKOUT..or should I say Omitted from the local news.
Right now with a winning record, (the only DC professional team)we are omitted from press. I am originally from New York, and the Washington Mystic's are the only local team I root for. I've been a loyal (season ticket)fan from the beginning.
Someone needs to ask Sheila to buy a darn news station then we can get some coverage.


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