Thursday, June 18, 2009

So Easy A Fat Panda BasketCase Can Do It!

Are you and your family tired of watching your favorite team's road games huddled around a 14" laptop? If you answered "yes" then have you ever come to the right blog! Would you rather watch tomorrow's (Friday) Live Access webcast of the Mystics game on your very own -- real -- TV? "Yes" again? Then the BasketCases have a deal for you! Simply follow these easy steps . . .

Step 1. Check the video and audio outputs on your computer.

Step 2. Check your TV for available inputs.

Step 3. Figure out what type of inputs you have.

Step 4. Grab your laptop and head over to the nearest Radio Shack!**

Step 5. With the help of one of the in-store techies, select the proper cables for connecting your computer to your TV.

And when making your selection, here's a word of advice: Think gay! Male-Male is the only way to hook-up! Don't accidentally make the mistake the BasketCases did of bringing home a Male-Female cable. No! It won't work. (A Male-Female cable can be useful as an extension if your Male-Male cable is too short, but without the Male-Male, you're out of luck.)

Also remember that you need one cable to connect your video and a second (separate) cable for your audio connection. (If you're using a laptop, the audio cable is typically inserted into the headphone jack on the laptop.)

Step 6. Back at home, turn off your TV and shut down your computer. Then connect the video cable. When connecting it to your TV, see if there's a number ("7" for example) or a name ("HDMI") associated with the input on your TV where you're connecting the cable. (Not essential, but helpful so you can later tune your TV to the correct input.) Then connect your audio cable.

Step 7. Turn on your TV but not your computer. Be sure that on your TV you've selected the proper video input (see Step 6 above and the image below). There will be nothing on your screen at that point (because, if you have been paying attention, your computer should still be shut down!). Now, boot up your computer.

Once your computer has booted up and it's displaying your desktop screen, the computer should send the video and audio signals to your TV. If your TV is not displaying these signals, you may not have selected the right video input on your TV; scroll through your input settings. You'll know it's right when your TV screen looks like your desktop!

Step 7. At 7:30 PM tomorrow (Friday), go to Live Access on your computer. Select the Mystics at Atlanta game. (Don't forget: Right click, Zoom, Full Screen.) Then sit back and enjoy the show! (The quality of the video will depend on the feed from the arena. It won't be like watching a Blu-Ray disc, but it will beat squinting at the little screen on your laptop.)

Go Mystics! Beat the Dream!

**A small note regarding the audio and video connecting cables. Buying them on-line is far cheaper. But if you aren't exactly certain which cables you need, you won't get the help that you'll get at a bricks and mortar store like Radio Shack. Nor the immediate gratification of taking the cables home then and there and hooking them right up to watch the Mystics this weekend.

The DC BasketCases blog is not associated in any way with Radio Shack nor any other vendor of audio or video equipment. However, if Radio Shack would like like to enter into a Marquee partnership with the BasketCases, for the right price, we would promise to wear Radio Shack logo T-shirts whenever we blog.

* * * * * *

Friday morning update . . . Mike Fratto writes about the Mystics in today's Washington Times here.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

Great stuff. I actually heard about a couple days ago and you have just reminded me that I have to get the right cables. BCs rule!!

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. love the step by step photos.
thank you.

what does everyone think about few TV games? I'm all for the internet access and our house is tech savy enough to make it work. I do think, however, it is a mistake not to have ESPN games also. My guess is only die hard fans are going to watch on computer. The casual sports fan might catch a game on ESPN and become a convert. My 2cents is that league is making a mistake by not INCREASING TV coverage if at all possible.

and now for a shameless plug... idesign all star contest is up and running. would you consider leaving a positive comment for my design? look for bball with wings. :)

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that the resolution on your computer may be better than that on your TV, so don't expect HD quality.

Otherwise, the TV hookup is the way to go!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

I bought the proper cables and hooked it up. Yah Hoo! Got same cables for friend's HUGH flat screen hdtv and everything is fantastic. We actually found that the full screen picture for the games (played archive game) is much better on the tv. Bonus!!
Thanks, again BCs I know where I'll be tonight watching the game.

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous KCH said...

Thanks for this! Not only for the helpful instructions -- which I will try this weekend -- but also for the humor. Reading the last 9 or 10 blog entries out loud provided a good hour of entertainment during the 14 hour drive home yesterday! This one especially was hysterical!


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