Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Heard A Whole Lot of Laughing after the horn sounded to end the overtime period tonight, as the Mystics needed 45 minutes to beat the Chicago Sky, 65-61.

We heard (laughing) comments like, "Can you believe we won that game?" and "Wasn't that a stinker?" Not to mention that one fan confessed to us she was hoping that the first team to score 50 points would be awarded the victory . . . so that she and the rest of the fans at the Phone Booth could be put out of their misery. Yes, it really was that bad. But, hey, the Mystics won . . . so it might've been bad, but it was also very very good. The Mystics, once again, defended (sorta, technically) their home court and have moved to 7-4. Yay!

As for that stinker thriller of a game: the Mystics scored 9 points in the first quarter. Nine points. They followed that up with a BIG 11-point second quarter. Twenty points in the first half? Wow . . . now that's excitement for you. The only saving grace was that Chicago didn't really capitalize. The Sky may have taken a 12-point lead into the locker room at the break, but their 8-point third quarter allowed the Mystics to get right back into the game with a 20-point quarter of their own. At the end of three periods, the score was tied at. . . are you ready? Forty points. As the final quarter was winding down, Washington needed some last minute heroics to tie the game in regulation at 52. That's right, each team scored an amazing 12 whole points in that fourth quarter! But in overtime, the Mystics struck first and never relinquished the lead. Whew. Mystics win!

When it (finally) ended, the fans were happy, laughing . . . and busy shaking their heads as they headed for the exits. Most of us have seen the Mystics play several times this season. We knew that the 24 turnovers, 22 personal fouls and only 33% shooting wasn't typical of this team. And it was a dub. . . so we could laugh.

A few positives. Katie Smith is a total competitor, winner, and much-needed leader. She shared game-high scoring honors with Sylvia Fowles (17 points). She was playing in pain. The Mystics would not have won without her on the floor tonight. Matee Ajavon is a relentless and fearless player, a HUGE spark off the bench. She had 10 points and 4 steals, including one in the final 20 seconds of regulation that was instrumental in tonight's win. Nakia was the only other Mystic in double figures (10), and her defensive battle against the taller Fowles was enormous.

Overall, though, the game really was a stinker. Not great basketball. And not-so-great officiating either. As our readers know, we don't usually complain about the refs, but they were stinky tonight too.

Speaking of stinky, we have someone else to single out: The Mystics' new in-arena announcer, Ralph, is really getting on our nerves. He's one of those announcers who draws out a player's name for an e-ter-ni-tyyyyyyyyyy after a made basket, and who has a number of other loud vocalisms we find annoying. He seemed to have dialed it back a little at the last game (after a number of complaints), but reverted to his old (and obnoxious) form tonight. Not to mention that late in the game, with the Sky inbounding the ball, Ralph bellowed "7 seconds on the clock." Now, unless that's some WNBA requirement, why would you want to alert your opponent that their shot clock is down in the single digits? Doesn't make any sense to us. (Thanks a lot, Ralph.)

The Mystics' next game is at home on Thursday at 7PM against Los Angeles. The Sparks will be playing without superstar Candace Parker, who needs shoulder surgery and unfortunately will miss the remainder of the season.

Go Mystics! Beat L.A.!

* * * * *

And a Belated Congratulations to . . .

. . . former Maryland Head Coach Chris Weller, who was inducted last week into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville. What a tremendous, and well-deserved, honor! Coach Weller was recognized by the Mystics on the court tonight for her elevation to Hall of Fame status. Vicky Bullett came in from West Virginia to help honor her former coach, and Christy Winters Scott, another former Terp who played for Coach Weller, had a shorter trip . . . she stepped away from the TV announcers' table to help with the honors as well. Congratulations, Coach Weller!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases


At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first game that I could make this season. Horrible is putting it mildly. We out rebounded them by a ton. I guess that's we were able to pull out a win. Horrible game though.

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Don't forget that stellar 22-percent shooting percentage in the first half. Yikes! But, you're right! Ralph is pretty bad. He tries to hard to be part of the game. They need to bring Kevin back.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger posting-up said...

I'm thrilled to hear the BC's opinion of "Ralph" (which is what his announcing makes me want to do)! He is incredibly annoying and his "Time out ON THE...FLOOR" makes me want to run down to the scoring table and strangle him! Please bring Kevin back! Ralph is obnoxious, overly impressed with himself, and out of place for our team. He makes me cringe every time he yells into the mic.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is annoying. The first time I've heard him. Really, he drove me crazy the whole game. He drove my dad crazy too. Can't they find someone better?

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

I just want to shout out for Mo Currie. Her offense was MIA (just 6 pts) yet she grabbed 8 rebounds and 3 steals. It's big that a player can contribute in other ways when their shot is not falling, which is how Katie's been most of the season.

Plus, having the lead scoring/rebounding players (Currie and Langhorne) looking to Katie for her leadership helps get all the players on the same page. This team is winning the close games that might have slipped through their fingers previously. That's what happens with veteran leadership. That's Katie Smith.

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the ONE MINUTE that Ralph yells while the ball is in play? I agree, he should go.

On a more positive note, anyone know the music played leading up to the Mystic players introduction??? For some reason, I love it, it creates suspense and excitement. Best intro that I seen in 11 years

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its absolutly incrediable that a team playing only one game in a week could come out looking so terrible. Looks to me as too much twittering and not enough focus on the job at hand.

And my two cents on the announcing, it's enough to keep me at home ugh!

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Elsa4Sound said...

I am so glad that it's not just me who is getting annoyed at the announcing. I edit a lot of audio files, and I keep wanting to delete the gap between "shooting" and "two" or "time out" ... "on the floor".

That was an embarrassing game, but they won and it was a great overtime.

Go Mystics!!

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was indeed painful to sit through this stinker of a game. I'm glad they pulled it out. I also noticed Katie was in pain. It looked like her right index finger was causing the discomfort, but it didn't stop her from taking control in the 4th. Way to go Katie!! As you said,Katie Smith is a total competitor, winner, and much-needed leader.
Any idea what happened to Jacinta? I noticed her wrist had a bandage on it.
What in the world is going on with Marissa? I miss seeing her on the floor. Is she hurt? Lost her confidence?
You can add me to the list of people who find the announcer annoying. He needs to go.

At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Marissa gets her confidence back...she's a phenomenal player and I find it disappointing that she's not on the floor. I also want to note that I was so glad to see the Mystics on tv in New York City! :)


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