Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Been a Long Dark Mystics Season, but finally, the BCs have something to look forward to . . . the Terps!

As our readers surely know by now (you do follow Coach B on Facebook and Twitter, don't you?), the ACC finally released their 2012 schedule today. So that allowed the Terps to finally release their 2011-12 schedule too.

In case you haven't put the dates in your Outlook calendar yet, you can find the complete schedule here.

Notably, the ACC has added two games to the in-conference schedule this time around. For the Terps, this means more home-and-homes with some pretty tough teams.

In fact, at first look, the in-Conference portion of Maryland's schedule looked so grueling that the BCs called on our research department to do a little statistical analysis for us this afternoon. And our first impression was confirmed! If you add up the number of last season's in-Conference wins of each team's opponents, and multiply by the number of times each team must face that opponent this season, guess who has the toughest schedule in the ACC this season? (Hint: this university also has the coolest football uniforms, not only in the ACC, but in the . . . World!) If you guessed Duke, you're reading the wrong blog. Yes, of course, as our analysts discovered, the Terps-have-the-toughest-schedule. Period. That is -- collectively -- the Terps' opponents this coming season had more ACC wins last season than did the collective opponents of any other ACC team. (Did you follow that?)

While we didn't actually ask our researchers for more, you know how those spreadsheet-geeks are. They had another revelation for us: of the top 5 teams in the ACC last season, guess how their 2012 ACC schedules stack up?

Duke and Miami, who finished tied for the regular season title, get the 11th and 9th toughest schedules respectively (of 12 teams) this season. Florida State, who finished third, has the 10th toughest schedule. And Georgia Tech, who finished with the same record as the Terps last year, has the 12th (out of 12) toughest ACC draw. So, in summary, the Terps get the #1 toughest and the other top four teams get #11, #10, #9, #12. Hmmm. (As a certain actor on the old Laugh-In show used to say . . . verrrry interesting.)

Heck, we're not complaining . . . a tough ACC schedule could be a great thing for the Terps come . . . post-season.

But speaking of revelations, we can't help but notice that the very first team that Maryland faces this year (albeit in an exhibition) is Messiah College (PA). So, are the BCs looking forward to the coming of the Messiah? After the Mystics' season we've lived through . . You Bet We Are! The Terps season -- and the Messiah -- can't get here soon enough for us.

(FYI, we still plan a Mystics wrap-up. But can you blame us for wanting to write about something exciting and fun for a change? We knew you'd understand.)


At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terps! Can't wait for the game against Georgetown. Payback!!

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to DCBC. I wanted to let you know that I find your blog well written, humorous and very candid - i.e., to the point using limited number of words. I appreciate your knowledge of the game and the coverage of the Terps in particular. I wish the Mystics had a better sense of who they are as a team. Comparing the Terps and the Mystics - can we say continuity of coaching staff might impact the final wins and losses? Love the Terps (season ticket holder) but I certainly believe Georgetown team will be very credible this year...and as as homies...I wish them well (although not when they compete with the turtles).

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Sue/Durham said...

I'll be taking my annual hiatus from the blog as we have learned to part amicably at this time of year. I'm looking forward to some great games in the ACC as Duke, Terps and Miami look to all be fighting in the top 10.

I would like to add, before I go that Alyssa Thomas has become my favorite non-Duke player. I will be cheering for her (except for 2-3 games) this season. I think all of us Mystics fans are happy to quickly turn our attention toward the college season.

BC's, could you please alert me on RebKell when you post your dirge on the Styx season? And I look forward to meeting up with you at the ACC tournament that right now seems oh - so distant.

Hope y'all have a fun season over in Terp-land. And best of luck (in all but 2-3 of your games). See you in the spring!

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Daphne said...

Despite saying that you plan to offer a summary of the season, I have to say, Basketcases, that should you two choose NOT to post any further about the Mystics, I, for one, will FULLY understand and be supportive. I'm sure what you want to do more than anything is FORGET this season ever took place. No doubt, the best way to do that is to stop thinking and blogging about it. I, of course, will welcome your comments, but if it's too upsetting, spare yourselves the pain. You deserve a break, too.
Here's to success on the hardwood in College Park. Go Terps!


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