Sunday, February 26, 2012

On To Greensboro!

The Terps ended their ACC regular season today just as they began it . . . with an important road win over another red team. In Raleigh this afternoon, Maryland beat NC State, 65-50, to secure the #3 seed in the ACC tournament. But don't let that final score fool you; this afternoon's game was no walkover.

Maryland bolted out of the gate with a 15-1 run in the first five minutes, leading some to think this would be another easy, lop-sided victory, like Friday's drubbing of the Tar Heels. But the BCs' Rule #1 is: "Never let an early run fool you . . . for better or for worse."

On Friday, that early lead over UNC soon turned into a rout. That would be the "for better" part of our rule. But against NC State, the "for worse" made an appearance, as things went downhill quickly for the Terps today. Perhaps the Maryland players were thinking about Greensboro just a little too soon. At any rate, as the BCs followed the action on Gametracker (no audio, no video), the little color-coded Wolfpack triangular figures closed the gap to 2 points, 19-17, with 8:23 left in the first period. Coach B substituted liberally, presumably to find someone to provide her team with a much-needed spark. By the end of the first half, 9 Terps had entered the game, but, alas, nothing seemed to be working (at least from our vantage point watching those little triangles move around the screen), and Maryland skulked back into the locker room at the break with a slim, 5-point lead, 30-25.

The first ten minutes of the second half weren't much better, as NC State kept the game within one or two possessions. But then, with a little more than 9 minutes left and the Terps clinging precariously to a 3-point lead, the BCs swear we heard one of the little Gametracker triangles speak. We know, it sounds ludicrous, but we both heard it. One of the little red figures said, "I've had enough of this!"

The little Gametracker figures don't wear names on their unis, so we can't say for sure who said it, but after that, Super Soph Alyssa "Fight to the Finish" Thomas took over. Her little color-coded triangle was everywhere on the virtual court -- scoring from the floor and from the free throw line, stealing balls and blocking shots. And it worked. The Terps won. Whew.

AT scored 22 of her game-high 24 points in the second half (on 8-18 shooting, and 8 of 10 free throws). She pulled down 17 rebounds (a career high) for another double-double. She blocked 4 shots and she had 3 steals. The only other Terp in double figures was Laurin Mincy, with 12 points.

So now, for the Terps and their fans, it's on to Greensboro (about 300 miles from our Nation's capital). As the #3 seed, Maryland will open its 2012 quest for an ACC title against the winner of UVA v. Boston College at 8 PM on Friday night.

Go Terps . . . Beat UVA BC a Team Not from Carolina!


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. You had me rolling with this blog post. Very funny. AT I think must have said "enough is enough", "I'm taking over". Thank goodness for AT.

Tough matchup for the Terps with UVA. Let's hope for that potential rematch with the Hurricanes. I am sure the Terps would like one more crack at them. Just like the regular season, the Terps draw a very tough tourney schedule with UVA first up (a team looking for their own revenge, I'm sure). GO TERPS!!

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to rain on the parade but when you review the stats - again AT with only 2 in the first half. And again it was close the first half and it was about even in rebounding with about 10 turnovers the first half alone. Fine stuff...except for a team in the top 5 in the nation you should be these other teams away and be consistent about it. Again, if AT has a problem or is they say we are in deep trouble. I don't want to compare us to anyone except the connecticuts, baylors, notre dames and dukes of the world - oh yeah, also stanford. Final four is all we should be shooting for. We need to take this tourney and head into the NCAA's with a running start. Consistency is the hallmark of greatness!

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BC:s my frist ACC TOUNAMENT need some help seeking a decent hotel accommadations, see you in greensboro

At 8:33 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Dear Anonymous 8:22 PM,

The Rebounders stay at the Drury Inn. And the last two years, the team stayed at the Doubletree.

We're happy you're joining the "Red Sea" in Greensboro . . . hope this is your first of many ACC Tourneys! :)


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's not always a bad thing to be trapped in the land of the Gametracker triangles. I watched the game on NC State's all-access webcast, and though they get my season-long award for the highest quality video feed (BIG hint to those who provide the lousy all-access feed from College Park), there will be no awards for the NC State radio broadcasters whose audio accompanied the webcast.

After a first half of too many:

"A-leesh-a Thomas" (though they got "A-leesh-a DeVaughn" right?)

"LynettE Kizer"

and gems such as:

"The Terps are really breathing heavy! They're not in shape to run with the Pack!"

"This will be the Terps day of reckoning!"

I retreated to the GT triangles to track game play numbers in the second half while I watched the webcast with audio muted. And you're right, that is exactly what that little red triangle said. Miss AT hitched up that team in the second half and carried them home on both ends of the floor. As far as I'm concerned, it was final regular-season subject performance for the ACC Player of the Year!

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Sue/Durham said...

I endorse the Drury Inn. They've got a cool inside/outside swim pool and jacuzzi. And I think all the non-Terp fans have fled for other accomodations so y'all can have a fanfest at the hotel.

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How hard is it to get championship tickets on game day? Anyone know? I would only travel down if the Terps were in the championship game. Anyone have experience doing that before?

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Hodie said...

1). I call the game tracker "triangles" bowling pins, cuz that's what they look like.

s). The Drury Inn is indeed nice and well-located and very very full with Maryland fans. I rolled out of bed this morning and went right to the fitness center, and now I can feel righteous all day.

3). The fans of the people who lost the semi-final often sell their tickets to the championship game. So you probably could score a ticket in the parking lot, but it would be in the Maryland section, it would be in the section of the team that lost. Not so bad!

4.) Go Terps!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Hodie said...

Ooops, I meant to say "would NOT" be in the Maryland section, but in the section of the team that lost.


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