Thursday, February 09, 2012


The Terps did exactly what they were supposed to do tonight: they recorded a lopsided win over the Clemson Tigers, on the road, 91-61

But before taking the floor for their game in South Carolina, the team, coaches and staff took a little time-out for some Zaching.

In case you haven't heard, "Tebowing" is so yesterday . . . Zaching is now all the rage. And if you don't know about Zaching, here's the executive summary: Zach Lederer is one of the student managers for Maryland Coach Turgeon's Men's Basketball team. While still in elementary school, Zach was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Against the odds, he beat it: Zach 1, Cancer 0. But Cancer is a relentless opponent, and Zach, now a University of Maryland student in College Park, recently learned that the cancer had returned; another brain tumor. Following his latest surgery, he was photographed -- in his hospital bed -- flexing his muscles -- sending the message that he intended to beat his cancer a second time. Well, in this era of the worldwide web, email and social media, Zach's picture -- and his fight -- went viral. Read more about it here. So today, the Terps did a little Zaching of their own.

As for tonight's game, the Tigers scored the first two points, but after that, it was all Maryland. Five Terps finished in double figures, led by Lynetta Kizer with 18 points. Alicia DeVaughn added 15, Alyssa and T-Hawk each had 14, and Brene Moseley scored 10. Coach B spread the playing time; no one saw more than 27 minutes of action.

The BCs listened to the game and followed on Gametracker, so we didn't actually see it. From that perspective (or lack thereof) our impression was that the Terps' performance was somewhat uneven: 46 points, but 12 Maryland turnovers and 11 Maryland fouls, all in the first half. Fortunately, the Tigers' first half numbers were even worse. An extemely good Miami team is arriving at Comcast on Sunday. It will be important that the Terps come out focused on both ends of the court, and minimize their mistakes. (Or the 'Canes will make them pay.)

Sunday's game is a special occasion. Not only is it an important game in jockeying for position in the Conference, but it also happens to be the game that honors the memory of Kay Yow. This week, teams all over the country are participating in Play 4Kay games . . . raising money and awarenenss in the fight against breast cancer. So wear pink on Sunday! And don't forget to Zach!

Go Terps . . . Beat the 'Canes!

Beat Cancer!


At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those turnovers.... Really should have been like 120-59. We must take care of the ball on Sunday.


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