Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brenda Behind Bars. When asked by Jessica Garrison of how her life has changed after the national title, Coach Brenda Frese revealed that she is " receiving letters from people in prison." And, in this Q&A from Garrison's interesting interview, Brenda talks about the origins of the team's motto:

JG: This year, you all thrived on the "Overtime is our time" motto. Any early front-runners for this year's motto?
Frese: [laughs] No, not yet. It kind of develops and unfolds. That didn't really develop until our second overtime. A fan had made a sign, and our kids were like, "Did you see that sign!?" They were like, "Yeah, we do play harder in overtime!" It sorta took on a life of its own. [Note to Brenda: Actually, Coach, it was after your third overtime! That "fan" with the sign? Yes, you guessed it, that "fan" was a BasketCase.]


At 9:33 AM, Blogger VP19 said...

Just so you're accurate, the third overtime was the Wake Forest game in the time, many Terp fans were a bit disappointed that Maryland, despite its considerable talent, was being taken into OT by notably weaker teams. (Of course, that perception changed a few days later in Chapel Hill.)

Anyway, you should have copyrighted the phrase, a la "Threepeat."


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