Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brenda Frese, Where Are You? As every faithful Terps fan knows, "Overtime is Our Time" became Maryland's slogan this year, after the team went to OT six times, all in away games, and won them all, including the National Championship. The Mystics, however, lost in OT on Tuesday to the expansion Chicago Sky, 86-81. Repeat after me, "expansion Chicago Sky."

Apparently, the Mystics used the OT period to provide some additional pre-season playing time for some of their bench and bubble players. Yes, yes, I know it was a pre-season "scrimmage" or "exhibition," not a "game," and as was pointed out on a message board, "it doesn't count in the standings of games that don't count in the standings." All the same, the Mystics lost their first exhibition/scrimmage/game/matchup/faceoff with the EXPANSION Chicago Sky! *wince*

-- Judith


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Steven G. Atkinson said...

Preseason is a time to develop team chemistry and to evulate those bubble players that may make an impact. While I would have rather see them win then lose, if it help with the chemistry than it was a good lost.

We just will have to wait and see

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