Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Market Salamander Special of the Week: Wabbit Stew. Yes, Mystics fans, Charm the Wabbit is cooked! Elmer Fudd may have said it: "I'll get that wabbit if it's the last thing I do," but Sheila J has gone and done it! *sniff* The Fearsome Mean Blue Mutant Bunny is no more. The BasketCases have been catching wiffs of something cooking for some time, but now it's official. New mascot unveiling at the National Zoo? Well, even a crazy Mystics fan can guess who will be the next Mystics mascot pulled out of the pot...did I say "pot"? Sorry, I meant to say, out of the hat. I'll miss you Charm! *sniff sniff* Yep, I definitely smell wabbit stew.



At 4:32 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog...love it!

Re: Charm...perhaps "she" (because they tried to convince us he was a she) could have been saved if "she" didn't scare the children and if "she" did a few less pelvic thrusts to amuse the crowd.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger MSTX Rule said...

As long as there is no "Air Panda!" Air Charm was the worst --he even scared the adults.


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