Friday, June 30, 2006

Mechelle, My Belle . . . How could you? The BasketCases are certain that all our loyal readers (including those who read Latvian) have experienced one of those moments when they learn something about one of their idols that just changes things ever so slightly, so they can never quite think of that person in the same way again. (Like learning that OJ is a double murderer . . . those kind of revelations are bound to tarnish the image just a wee bit.) Well, today, the BasketCases are struggling with just such a moment. They have learned that their favorite basketball sportswriter, Mechelle Voepel, is fallible. *gasp*

In her latest column on, Mechelle discusses the relative lack of drama in the Eastern Conference playoff race. She concedes the top three playoff spots to Connecticut, Detroit and Indy and then has this to say about the Mystics' chances:
Which brings us to Washington, which very recently also would have gone into the category of "playoff-bound-for-certain." It looked like it would simply be a matter of what order those four teams finished in the East.

Now, it still seems very likely the Mystics will make it. Yet the knee injury to DeLisha Milton-Jones -- an MCL sprain in her left knee suffered June 17 that will likely will keep her out at least until the postseason -- just might make the Mystics start coming down with a little Jana Novotna-itis.

That's the malady, made particularly famous in a Wimbledon meltdown by Novotna, that causes athletes to start panicking about panicking -- before there's even anything to truly panic about. Then, in the old self-fulfilling prophesy cycle, eventually there often is cause for panic. (And if the Duchess of Kent somehow shows up at a Mystics game, then they are really in trouble.)

Mechelle, the BasketCases are absolutely horrified that you could write this! Horrified! How could you get it sooooo wrong! (Loyal blog readers: We're sure Mechelle's error simply leaps off the page at you . . . doesn't it?) Mechelle, "prophesy" is a V-E-R-B! "Prophecy" is the noun! We're devastated Mechelle. The BasketCases' relationship with you will never quite be the same *sigh* ever again.


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