Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brenda Frese: the Book. Ever since the final buzzer sounded in Boston to seal the Natty, the BasketCases thought there was a terrific story to be told about the Terps' improbable year. We were hoping a good writer who is also very familiar with women's basketball, maybe Sally Jenkins (or the BasketCases), would get together with Brenda Frese, and do a book. The title was obvious: "Overtime is Our Time." Well, a book by that very name is soon to be released, by Chris King and Frese. The BasketCases don't know much about King (well, to be honest, we know nothing about King), so we have no idea whether King has sufficient b-ball knowledge (or writing ability) to make sure this is the type of book the story deserves. And the marketing hype makes it sound a little melodramatic if not hastily done, but who knows?? The BasketCases are hoping for a really good read!! And a movie to follow, of course!! (The BasketCases are available to play themselves.)


At 4:18 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

Thanks for the info on this book. I was hoping one would be done. I too, hope it is worth reading and has alot of pictures. I find it interesting that UMD hasn't sent out any notice of this book's availablity. I guess they may get to it, eventually.

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