Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bunny Body Guard for Richie. Mystics CEO Curtis Symonds announced today that Lincoln Holdings has signed a former Washington Sports employee to a personal services contract for the remainder of the season. An investigation by the BasketCases reveals that the "services" consist solely of serving as a a body (bunny?) guard for Coach Richie Adubato --- specifically, the new employee will position him (her?) self at all times between Coach Adubato and any WNBA official in the vicinity. The new employee is also required to place both hands (or feet) across Richie's mouth any time Richie attempts to address a referee verbally.

While most fans realize that coaches and players are assessed fines for technical fouls and ejections, some may not realize that the WNBA teams must also pay fines to the league when those incidents occur. During the course of our investigation, the BasketCases were told (unfortunately, we cannot reveal our source) that the Mystics organization decided it was cheaper to hire a new body/bunny-guard for Coach Richie than to keep paying the fines each time Richie is T'eed up.

Remember. . . you heard it here first, loyal blog-readers! Keep watching this space for all the latest Mystics news.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Posting-Up said...

Any chance Richie can buy back our stupid %$#!@@ loss the other night? Without his T's we could have at least seen overtime!

Grrrrr. Well, it's good to see Charm back in the organization. We missed our Demon Bunny From Hell!


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