Sunday, July 16, 2006

Road Trip, Day Two: Hot time in Chicago. No, loyal blog readers, that's not a reference to the BasketCases' night life, but to the mid-90-degree heat wave that washed over Chicagoland just in time for our arrival. Thankfully, it's not humid, although the natives think it is. But they don't know from muggy. And another thing they don't know about: car sunscreens! All over Chicago, people are frying when they get back into their parked cars....

We were just settling in with a bagel and the morning paper, hoping to read a nice preview in the Chicago Tribune about this evening's game between the Mystics and the Sky. But there is none. Seems that would be too much coverage of women's sports for the Trib. And we're told this is typical. So while folks in DC complain about the Post's insufficient coverage of the Mystics (and we agree, a front page story every now and then would be nice), at least Jon Gallo has a morning story when the Mystics are playing at home later that day.

Unless our highly sophisticated mobile blogging technology suffers a meltdown in an unshielded Chicago car, the BasketCases will be reporting later from the UIC Pavilion, where we expect the Mystics to turn up the heat on the Chicago Sky.


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