Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"House of Horrors." As tonight's game between the Mystics and the Sun was drawing to a close, with Connecticut winning 86-73, ESPN announcer Linda Cohn described the Reservation as a "house of horrors" for the Mystics, noting that DC hasn't won there since August 1, 2003. (Clearly, Linda was reading our blog this morning!) Since the game was televised nationally, the BasketCases assume that our loyal blog readers saw it, and thus we can spare you our recounting of yet another game in which the Mystics inexplicably failed to show up for all four quarters. Trying to end on a positive note, we will at least observe the good news that DeLisha Milton-Jones started for the first time since going out with a knee injury in June, that Zane Teilane had some good minutes -- knocking the ball away from Margo Dydek and scoring a few points of her own -- and that Tamara James and Nikki Blue finally saw some decent playing time (but Blue needs to watch it on the fouls). That's pretty much it. The highlight of our evening was the halftime feature on Alana Beard's dog, a cute little Yorkie named Chloe. (Our own little terrier loved it too. )


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