Thursday, July 27, 2006

The View . . . GM Style. This morning, Mystics GM Linda Hargrove was gracious enough to share her views about tonight's game against Chicago (7 PM @ Verizon Center) and other Mystics matters with the BasketCases readers:

BC: Lately, the Mystics have seemed troubled by inconsistency…some good or even great quarters, and some not so good. Any thoughts about the cause and/or the solution?

LH: "The inconsistency is definitely a problem. This is a problem that you would normally have early in the season so it is troubling that we are facing it now. I don’t like excuses, only results, but I think some things have fed into the level of inconsistency. DeLisha’s return has altered roles and rotations, Alana’s inability to practice, Tot’s absence from practice and games and Nikki T’s finger injury and flu. But the bottom line is that every team is tired and experiencing many of the same issues. We have to find a way to be more productive, play better on the defensive end and be consistent in our effort and execution."

BC: The media have reported that Alana's ankle is still so bad that she's not practicing, only playing in games. How does Alana's not practicing affect the team?

LH: "We are basically playing every other day, so Alana spends the day after a game with our trainer trying to get the swelling out of her ankle and doing all the rehab to be in the best position to be effective the next day when we play again. Alana is a worker so restricting her time on the court definitely works against her productivity but I think she has handled it really well."

BC: The BasketCases were at the Mystics game in Chicago and saw the Sky play the Mystics tougher than expected. Chicago seems to be better than their record. What are the keys to the Mystics coming away tonight with a “W” against the Sky?

LH: "I really like Chicago’s team. They are solid at every position and have quality depth. Candice Dupree will be a star in this league and we have had trouble guarding Bernadette Ngoyisa. They have solid defenders and between Dales, Lassiter, Jackson and Lovelace the 3 point shot is always a threat. I really give Dave Cowens props for having this team playing very competitive basketball and I think they have a great nucleus for the future. We must put together a more consistent game tonight or we could be in trouble."

BC: Since Dee’s injury, we’ve all had a chance to see Zane play some minutes. Can you share with our blog-readers (especially those in Latvia) how you think that Zane is progressing?

LH: "Zane continues to improve each day in practice and has shown that she can hold her own against the best. I’m really happy with her progress and look forward to seeing her again in the spring after she gets in a season in Barcelona."

* * * * * *
Thanks to Linda for sharing her views and for being such a fan-friendly General Manager! The BasketCases believe the Mystics are very lucky to have Linda on our team!


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