Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mystics Announce Friday Night WHITE OUT at the Phone Booth!!!

White Out? No . . . not that "wite out". . . that's what all those "experts" will be reaching for to "correct" their predictions after the Mystics erase Connecticut from the playoffs.

White Out? No . . . not that kind of "white out!" Though, it is true that after Sunday, the Sun won't be shining and a lot of Connecticut fans will be feeling mighty cold.

White Out!!! YES . . . that's the White Out we're talking about! Time to hang that blue Mystics jersey or tee in the closet and pull out a WHITE shirt, a WHITE hat and anything else WHITE you've got, and show up dressed in WHITE for Friday night's tip-off of the Mystics' playoff run at the Verizon Center at 7 PM!

Help make a statement that you are 100% behind the team wearing the Home Whites --- the Mystics! Let the Sun's players, coaches and people watching TV see that the Phone Booth belongs to the Mystics and nobody but the Mystics.

If you're going to the game (and, you'd better be!) WEAR WHITE! If you know other people who are going . . . call them! send them an email! txt them! forward this blog-post! Do whatever it takes . . . just as long as you spread the word that Friday is WHITE OUT NIGHT at the Mystics' playoff game. [This is going to be sooo cool! Don't miss it.]


At 4:06 PM, Blogger MysticsFanatic said...

What's the only thing cooler than a "White Out" Friday night? A White Out plus every fan shaking their Panda! Last week was too cool looking around the stadium with all those Pandas "dancing" in the air. Our Pandas are dressed in home whites so it seems to be a natural fit :-)

Let's show the Sun they need to Fear the Panda!


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