Sunday, August 13, 2006

We Have Liftoff! Thanks to the BasketCases' highly sophisticated technology (we got a text message!), we have just received a firsthand report from a loyal blog reader en route to New York that two busloads of Mystics fans are on their way to the Liberty game. In an effort to avoid a repeat of the road trip from hell, the bus company has provided brand new buses. Fans have been given water, juice, lunch boxes and goodie bags. Folks are feeling pretty good about their chances of actually making it to New York in time for the game, and Alana Beard is intent on sending them home with a W. In today's Post, AB had this to say: "Right now, we're not looking at the playoffs because we are focusing on New York. We don't want to go into the playoffs coming off a loss."

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No TV today.... In case you haven't noticed this, ABC, which was supposed to broadcast the Mystics/Liberty game today, has bumped it in favor of showing Connecticut/Detroit. Frankly, while the BasketCases would like to have seen the game, we had quite enough of the ABC announcers yesterday (Terry Gannon and Ann Meyers), who, in a discussion of the upcoming playoffs, handed the first round to the Sun.


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