Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Walkover. Team USA began its quest for FIBA gold tonight by blowing out China, 119-72. The Chinese were simply outclassed by the Americans. It was great to see Alana and DeLisha on the court for the U.S. Dee started the game, while AB came in to play the point when Sue Bird went out for a rest. Look for Alana to get more time against the better teams. And in case anyone was wondering, Candace Parker is just awesome. (12 points and 10 boards in 18 minutes.)

Tomorrow: Nigeria.

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Other (former) Mystics at the Worlds News: During halftime of the USA game, NBA-TV showed highlights from the day's other games. The BasketCases were just delighted to see Brazil's Helen Luz hit a put back with five seconds left in the game against Argentina to nail the 71-69 victory. (Luuuuuuuuz!) Another big contributor for Brazil: Alessandra Santos de Oliveira. Would that she'd played so well back in the day in D.C.!!

* * * * * *
Don't Fly That Airline! FIBA has issued an official statement explaining what happened to Team Lithuania. Their original flight to Brazil was cancelled and they were re-routed through French Guyana. Unfortunately, anyone entering Brazil from that country needs a malaria shot (apparently with an incubation period), which the Lithuanians did not have, since they weren't planning on being in French Guyana in the first place. So the BasketCases are wondering how many mosquitoes can there be in the airport anyway?

Photo Credit: ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP/Getty Images


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