Friday, November 10, 2006

Hometown of Jasmine Perry. When you drive into Central City, Kentucky, you can't miss the fact that you're entering the hometown of a local hero, Jade Perry --- a member of the reigning NCAA National Champion Maryland Terrapins. But there's another hero who calls Central City home and her name is Jasmine Perry . . . and, yes, she is Jade's sister (older by 2 years) and no, they haven't erected a sign in her honor, though they probably should.

Like her sister, Jasmine played basketball (as well as other sports) at Muhlenberg North High School. But unlike Jade, she deferred college to join the Army. In May 2005, while training at a base in Colorado in preparation for deployment to Iraq, Jasmine suffered a serious injury to both legs in a training accident. Despite 10 surgeries over 3 months and the insertion of steel rods, her left leg couldn't be saved. This past summer (not long after Jade's biggest triumph on the basketball court) Jasmine's leg was amputated.

In a story from WKYT27 news,
Gwen Perry (Jasmine's mother) said her daughter's strength has astounded her. "I admire her," Gwen Perry said. "People can't imagine what she's been through and how strong she's been." Everyone in the Perry family has had to be strong. Jasmine's sister, Jade, would carry her around the house when she first came home. "I think it has brought us closer as a family," Jade Perry said. "But Jasmine and I were always close."
So, as we celebrate Veterans' Day, let's remember all the Jasmines (and Nolans) in uniform serving in the armed forces. It takes courage to volunteer, especially at a time when your country is at war. Many are called upon to make tremendous (and sometimes the ultimate) personal sacrifice. So, in our book, that makes Jasmine (and all the other servicemen and women like her) heroes. This Veterans' Day, let's remember to honor them and all those who've served our country.

Photocredit: Gwen Perry


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