Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shocking Development!!! The BasketCases pulled out the Sports Section of their Washington Post this morning only to find (to their utter amazement) a front page story --- complete with pictures (!) --- about the No. 1 Maryland Women Terps! Now this is good! The Post article focuses on the "dynasty" question. Our favorite WNBA General Manager, Linda Hargrove, was interviewed for the piece and may have summed it up best, saying

". . . a more realistic goal now is consistency. "I just think a dynasty is going to be really, really difficult," Hargrove said. "As far as a high success level, I definitely think Maryland is on track to continue its winning ways for many years. But it seems to me 'high level' and 'dynasty' are two different things."

Now, while we're giving the WP credit where credit is due, in all fairness, we need to point out that today's Women's Basketball Preview (though very welcome) consisted of only about 2/3rds of a page (if you don't count the 1/3rd of a page for the continuation of the page 1 Dynasty article); however --- by contrast --- the Men's Basketball PreviewS (notice the plural, here) consisted of the following: Sunday: a FULL page on National Men's Basketball, Monday: a FULL page on Local Men's teams, Tuesday: a FULL page on the Men's ACC, and Wednesday: a FULL page on the Men's Big East.

Note: As long as were giving credit, the BasketCases want to hand some out to the Baltimore Sun (whose Sports Editor, no doubt, must have seen yesterday's Big Foam Finger blog by the BasketCases) and made a point this morning of informing the Sun's readers about the significance of the Terps No. 1 preseason ranking.


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another shocker - as of 5:00 p.m., the Wash Post put it on the front page of their online edition. What? There's really women's sports! I hope they will continue this coverage as the season progresses.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger Bill-DC said...

Check out this entry in Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog. He was looking for a Lady Terps Basketball Blog and I dropped your link.

Keep up the great work and Go Terps!


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