Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Sky IS Falling. Friday night the Mystics face off against the Chicago Sky at 7 PM at the Verizon Center. And, though the BasketCases don't usually engage in trash-talking, let's face it . . . one way or the other, tomorrow night The Sky IS Falling!

If, as we expect, the Mystics reverse direction from their early-season losing streak, the Chicago Sky will be doing the falling . . . to the home team, providing the Mystics with their first win of the season. However, if the unexpected happens and Chicago were to pull off the upset, then the sky would indeed be falling, but that phrase would take on a whole new meaning (if that were to happen, would the last fan leaving the Phone Booth please turn out the lights?). But we don't expect that to happen. And we do believe the Mystics are much more talented than their record suggests, and we look forward to seeing them notch the first of this year's many Ws tomorrow night.

Crystal Robinson. Crystal will be helping the Mystics get that first win tomorrow, but she will not be in uniform. GM Linda Hargrove announced earlier this evening that C-Rob, after a highly impressive pro career -- one that began in the ABL, took her to Madison Square Garden for 7 years with the Liberty, and then brought her here to DC last year -- has decided to hang up her sneakers and retire from the WNBA. However, the good news is that Crystal's veteran leadership and knowledge of the game will not be lost to her present team as she is moving to the sidelines as the newest member of the Mystics' coaching staff. The BasketCases congratulate C-Rob on her long and successful playing career and wish her the very best in her new career, coaching!


At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Venita Hale said...

It's about time Crystal Robinson realized she was done as a player. If she had retired at the beginning of the season we would have been able to keep Rita Williams. Maybe they'll bring Rita back since Nikki T. is struggling with her knee injury and Nikki B. is struggling as well.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

That's a good point. I thought Rita played well enough to be worthy of making the final squad. I'd still like to see us get another post player. How far away is Gillian Goring from being "ready?"

I don't know if you've read today's Post or not, but the players say it's not time to panic. Do we just have to ride out the storm or are we in rebuilding mode?

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Venita Hale said...

Gillian"GG" would be game ready if coach would put her in the game. All the other coaches in the WNBA put their rookies out there so they can experience game situations. If you notice Richie for some reason won't use his bench/rookie players, maybe that would help build their confidence in game situations. I'm all for riding out the storm, but show the fans that you have confidence in the players you selected to make this team better. Also, if we are in rebuilding mode, that's okay, but the other players who have been here will have to step up their game to help out our starters. We as fans give all the encouragement and cheers to pump them up, so take that energy and win some games.


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