Thursday, May 24, 2007

O and 3. The Mystics played an 11am game today against the New York Liberty at MSG, coming up short to a rebuilding team that finished below DC in last year's standings. The final score was 81-76.

Shay Doron made her WNBA regular season debut, briefly getting in the game for New York. [Memo to the Mystics' radio announcer: Shay's last name is NOT pronounced DOOR-in.]

Meanwhile, in what may be more hopeful news, Internet message boards are buzzing today with a major trade rumor that may involve the Mystics. We don't like to trade in rumors, but what the heck, we don't like basketball to be played at 11am either (and, apparently, neither do the Mystics). *IF* there's any more to report, we will.


At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

This team is waaaaaay too talented to be 0-3 right now. That's horrible! I don't want to hear, "We played better today." How many sticks do we have in the "W" column right now? That's what matters to me.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger NG said...

what kind of trade?!

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Losing to the Liberty is truly difficult to understand as 10 of their 13 players have been in the league 2 years or less.


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