Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vote Early and Vote Often. Okay Mystics fans. Particularly since the Mystics are hosting this year's All Star Game, we need to stuff that ballot box and vote some of the Mystics onto the Eastern Conference All Star Team!

You can vote once a day online by going to, but you can also be far more effective by filling out the paper ballots available during Mystics games at the Verizon Center. That's because there is NO LIMIT to the number of paper ballots you are allowed to cast. Just be sure that you vote for players at all positions (two guards, two forwards, one center) and for players in both conferences . . . If you don't follow these simple rules, your ballot(s) will NOT be counted. (But you don't need to take time to fill out the box for the all-expense-paid trip to the All Star Game if you don't care to. Heck, what would they give us Washington-area fans anyway? A Metro Farecard??)

And, of course, be sure not to leave any hanging chads -- not if you want your vote(s) for your favorite Mystics players to count! The President of the WNBA is from FLORIDA . . . need we say more?

The voting deadline is June 24th, but if you are dropping ballots off with the Mystics, you need to do that by June 17th (so they have time to send them to the WNBA). That means you have two more Mystics home games (Wednesday vs Phoenix and Friday vs Los Angeles) at which to pick up and drop off your ballots. Take the BasketCases' advice and pick up a BIG stack this Wednesday, get all your friends and family to help you fill them out, and then drop them off on Friday!

We've already completed many hundreds of ballots (no joke!), and we're planning to complete hundreds more by the deadline. But we can't do it alone -- we need YOUR help! Let's see how many YOU can do! The BasketCases thank you for your support.


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last game we couldn't find any ballots. I hope they put more out tomorrow.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous C&OSpence said...

Sure, I like to root for the home team, even when they're down, but *completely* uncritical homerism should be left to little kids -- and they'll be sadder but wiser when they outgrow it. Alana I'll gladly vote for, but nobody else on the 'Stics deserves to be an All-Star (well, maybe I'd vote for Chastity Melvin, who might still be listed as a Mystic).

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Section 121 STH said...

I haven't been able to pick up a ballot at the games, either. So, I still go to and vote once a day for Alana (and some, but not all of the other Mystics on the ballot).

c&ospence, I hope that you will vote for Alana, cuz it sure would be a shame if she didn't get votes because the Mystic slate of candidates isn't ALL all-star quality (yet). FYI, on the website Chasity has been changed to Chicago.

If Chamique gets enough votes can she still play? :)

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous C&OSpence said...

I'll be there tonight and will vote for Alana on each and every ballot. DMJ had a good game last night; if she puts together a string of those she might deserve a spot on the roster. Right now, though, every other team in the East has at least one forward enjoying a better season than Delisha.


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