Saturday, August 30, 2008

Same Old, Same Old!

Last night against the Sky, we thought the Mystics looked like an improved ball club. Balanced scoring; excellent free-throw shooting; they outrebounded their (taller) opponent; plenty of assisted baskets. But tonight in Minnesota, in losing to the Lynx 92-78, it was obvious that the Old Mystics had returned.

Washington's offense tonight consisted primarily of Alana Beard, who led all scorers with 27, while the most any other Mystics player could muster was 11. Not only that, but the Lynx bench outscored the Mystics bench 43-15. The Mystics' free throw shooting percentage returned to the low 60s. Assisted baskets were down. Rebounding was a toss-up (both teams finished with 38). And, since they gave up 92 points, their defense was missing-in-action. Prior to the game, Coach J-Law said that if the Mystics could keep their turnovers under 15, they would win. Unfortunately, they hit 15 before the end of the third quarter and then added 3 more in the 4th. So, they didn't win.

With tonight's loss, the Mystics drop to 10-18, guaranteeing a losing record for the 8th time in the team's 11-year history. Moreover, since Indy beat Atlanta tonight, the Fever have now opened up a 3-game lead on Washington in the East. (The Mystics are now in 6th place, a half-game behind Chicago.) With only 6 games remaining (including 2 against Detroit and 1 against Connecticut), the Mystics' chances of climbing into 4th place for the final playoff spot -- which were not very good heading into the Olympic break -- have dimmed considerably.

The Mystics return home on Tuesday, where they will face Indy at 7 PM, guaranteeing a full game swing one way or the other in the playoff race.


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 11 year season ticket holder is gone. I hope that the players enjoy playing in Turkey, since it clear that they don't appreciate DC.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Tonya said...

Abysmal. I'm always hesitant to judge too harshly when I don't actually get to see the game as sometimes the numbers can make the game look worse than it was. Not always - but sometimes. However, with this team when the pattern of numbers repeats itself so many times, it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt.

Clearly, we aren't the most talented team in the league - I know that's the understatement of the century - but we still have talented players who are better than this. If I gave this kind of effort in my job, well, I'm not sure I'd have a job anymore.

Even when everything is going to hell during a game, there is just no excuse to not play good defense. You might not be able to get the ball in the basket for yourself, but you can damn sure try to stop the other team from doing so.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Karen L. said...

Yes, yes, but what about the halftime performance?!?

Serious wardrobe malfunctions were NOT his only problem. I think he literally mumbled most of his "song" and his makeup made him look dead! Throw in some listless backup dancers and you've got a recipe for AWESOME.


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