Friday, November 28, 2008

CANCUN: Game 2

Here's what we know (not a lot, since we didn't see it or hear it -- yes, we know there was an internet radio broadcast, but at 7 PM, we were just sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, so we didn't listen -- sue us!):

1. Once again playing in the ballroom of the Moon Palace Resort, the Terps waltzed to a victory over Montana's Lady Griz, 71-58. Four Terps scored in double figures, and the team as a whole hit 9 of 17 from beyond the arc.

And thanks to our BasketCases' foreign correspondent (Gerri!) on the ground (when she's not in the pool) in Cancun, we also know . . .

2. Coach B tried out a new play . . . quickly shoot your free throw while your opponent is busy doing her nails. Seemed to work perfectly on at least one member of the Lady Griz!

3. We know the Terps did not forget to pack their bikinis:
4. And we know they cleaned up pretty well for Wednesday night's banquet:

As for tonight's Game 3, here's what we know, so far:

1. The Terps play the Fighting Illini tonight at 9:30 PM ET.

2. According to the Maryland web site, live stats will be available on Gametracker. And there's a "listen" link on the Illinois site (though unclear if this is free).

Good luck to the Terps as they finish out the Caribbean Challenge!

Photo Credits: Gerri Grove (with mucho thanks!)


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