Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

Today, as twins Markus (left) and Tyler (right) celebrate their first birthday, they've taken some time out of their very busy schedules to pay a visit to the BasketCases blog for another interview from The Big Chair.

BC: Hey guys, on behalf of all of us here at the BasketCases, congratulations on completing your rookie season, and thanks again for being here!

Tyler: Thank you. We always love chatting with the BCs.

Markus: Absolutely. If we could read, yours would be our favorite blog.

BC: We appreciate that. What a year it's been! Can anyone's birth have been more perfectly timed? Popping out a few hours before the Terps were to play at Duke and giving the team that huge emotional lift? You just know that Coach P must've uttered a few unprintable words when she heard the news.

Tyler: (laughing) Words nobody's allowed to say around us! But, yeah, we really wanted to see that game. And since Mom couldn't travel, the only way we could do it was to be born. So I told Markus that morning: "We got to get outta here. Now!"

Markus: He got no argument from me. I also wanted to see the game. And by then I was getting pretty tired of Tyler hogging all the food, plus I was tired of taking an elbow every time Tyler decided to change position.

BC: How did you like being on TV, just a few hours after you were born?

Tyler: After the whole world has seen your sonograms, that's nothing. Besides, Daddy-Cam has been sticking a camera in our faces pretty much since the moment of delivery, so what's the big deal?

Markus: Still, I have to admit that it was very cool to make our television debut on the day of our birth.

Tyler: Take that, Tyler Summitt, you got nothin' on us!

Markus: In fact, we're pretty tired of hearing that story about how Coach Summitt was in labor on a plane over Virginia on her way back from a recruiting trip, but refused to let the pilot land and made him fly on to Tennessee. I'll bet if she'd been carrying twins like our Mom was, she wouldn't even have made that trip. But if she did, her kids would've been born in that recruit's living room.

Tyler: Coach Summitt, we see you a Tyler and raise you a Markus! (laughing)

BC: Markus, is Tyler always this crazy?

Markus: Always . . . he cracks me up!

BC: Well, if we can get serious for a moment, how about some thoughts on the games coming up this week?

Markus: Sure. It's always tough to play at Georgia Tech. Our team's used to playing in front of huge crowds. At Tech, the arena is almost empty. Not much cheering for or against us . . . very disconcerting. Plus, those Yellow Jackets, well, let's just say that if the refs let them get away with the physical stuff, it could be a long night.

Tyler: You bet. Those Yellow Jackets, they really believe in getting physical! We've seen the films. There were some games where if the Terps had been wearing tear-away jerseys, they'd have been naked by half-time. Good thing they weren't wearing tear-aways, otherwise Mom and Dad wouldn't have let us watch the tape. No, Georgia Tech will be no walk in the park, and as much as everyone is already talking about Duke on Sunday, Mom and the team are not looking past GT.

BC: Well, speaking of Duke, anything you'd like to say?

Markus: It's a special game for us, of course, almost like another birthday. So it would make a nice present if our Big Sisters could give us a win on Sunday . . . and every year.

Tyler: No present we want more! Between now and Sunday, Markus and I will be memorizing the Duke roster. Coach McCallie has made it clear she doesn't think much of the "turtle IQ," but if the dookies think that by taking the names off their jerseys they can make us (or Mom's players!) confuse Abby Waner for Chante Black, we got two words for them: Bite me!

BC: (laughing) Just one last question: Will you be at the game on Sunday?

Tyler: We're not sure yet. We'd really like to be there, but if not, we'll be watching from home! Go Terps! Win one for your Little Brothers!

BC: Thanks guys . . . and, again, Happy Birthday!

Photo Credit: Daddy-Cam (with thanks!)


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Happy birthday, guys! Be good and let's hope the ladies can get us two ACC wins this week!

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Brenda is my home girl said...

Happy Birthday, boys!

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys:
Love your interviews!! That E-trade kid has nothing on you guys! Would really love to see you on TV-doing color commentary for our Terps! You sure know the more about women's NCAA basketball than B. Knight!!!
Take care!


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