Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is HUGE . . . Duke Day!!

It's finally here -- the Terps' long-anticpated re-match with the Duke Blue Devils. Nobody reading this blog needs reminding why this is HUGE! But just in case you've just flown in from outer space, here are a few reasons why this afternoon's game is so important:

Number 1. It's Duke. 'Nuff said about that.

Number 2. Duke is the only ACC team the Terps have played this season that they haven't beaten . . . yet.

Number 3. Maryland's 32-game home winning streak (second longest in the country behind UConn) is on the line.

Number 4. Although the Terps don't control their own destiny in terms of winning the regular season ACC title, they need to keep winning to stay in hunt in the event that Florida State stumbles (Go Wahoos!). And, lastly . . .

Number 5. It's Duke. 'Nuff said! [Pre-game news features: here and here.]

So put on your RED, arrive early -- there's going to be a HUGE crowd -- and we'll see you at Comcast for the 5 PM tip. Of course, if you're one of our out-of-town readers (G'day to our mates Down Under!), or if (like the BasketCases) you'd like to record the game, you can catch it on Fox Sports (Comcast Sports Net locally).

And speaking of large crowds, in case you missed Camille Powell's interesting and fact-filled article in yesterday's Washington Post about what a smash hit Maryland's women's basketball is at the gate, you can find it here.

Go Terps!! Beat Dook!


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