Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BC: "Coach Brenda Frese . . . your team has just won the ACC Regular Season Championship, what are you going to do now?"

Coach: "We're going to DisneyWorld Orlando!"

Yes, loyal readers, that's exactly where the Terps ended up after their title-clinching win over the University of Miami. The team's flight into Baltimore on Sunday night was cancelled due to the snow storm that struck our region, and there were no flights available on Monday out of Miami for such a large group. But thanks to some fast work by the ever-resourceful eye candy Director of Basketball Operations, Rhet Wierzba, the team boarded a bus after dinner on Sunday, checked into an Orlando hotel that night, and managed to get a flight out to Dulles on Monday. And from there, it was simply a bus-ride to College Park.

Everyone made it home safe, sound -- a day late -- and very very happy! Now . . . on to Greensboro!

Photo Credit: University of Maryland


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